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SOLD: SOLD: FS: Relist - Forsell Air Reference DAC.

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Item: DAC: Forsell air reference

Location: QLD: Sunshine coast - can deliver to SEQ as I have meetings in Brisbane and gold coast coming up.

Price: $2100 ono PLUS FREIGHT
Item Condition: EXCELLENT
Reason for selling: TOO MUCH STUFF
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank trasfer etc











Very, very nice DAC. I preferred this to the ps audio DS dac, yggy, sfd-1, pavane, dave and many others double or triple the price.

UNIT IS MASSIVE, wider than most rack width, amazing condition, only problem is the feet on it are a bit sticky?

I have mine sitting on isolation pods.


Peter Forsell (the mad dentist) created the forsell air transport which is regarded by many as the best transport ever made - albeit it required a hydraulic air pump and was prone to expensive repair bills due to its sensitive and sophisticated mechanism.

It was designed to be paired with this DAC for a top of the line digital system to compete with 30k analogue systems. The transport and DA are highly sort after in asia due to their wonderful tonality (slight warmth and bloom bust still maintaining bite and detail).

The story goes that he wanted to create a dac and transport because he was not happy with the high end available at the time. He used his vast wealth and resources as the owner of a near billion dollar medical tech company to build this gear, then promptly stopped manufacturing for the public.


This dac is very similar in design and sound the the Bremen no1. Which is Donald Norths favourite DA: http://www.dnaudio.com/Bremen big pic.htm




I fell in love with this dac when I heard it with this incredible system in Singapore in the Adelphi. sft-1>forsell>kagura pre and power amp > pro ac d100


Feel free to ask any questions!






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open to trades for cables, ls50, or room treatment panels.

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      Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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      Price: $1390 Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact,I can ship this item Suburb or Town: South Yarra, Melbourne State: Victoria Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: Bought (the TOTL) Gieseler Fein II DAC A while ago ago I impulse purchased Clay's new TOTL DAC, leaving my Groß DAC is available for sale. There has been a lot written by owners here of Gieseler's DAC's (the full list being here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/126626-gieseler-dac-reviews-impressions/). But just to give you a sample of what people have said about the Groß DAC:
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      Adding my own 2 cents to the commentary, when I upgraded to the Groß from an iFi iDSD Micro, my immediate impression was how much 'more natural' or less digital the sound was from the Groß while detail retrieval was more extended at both ends.
      Needless to say that the Groß DAC is a truly excellent DAC and amongst the best Australian designed and made DACs made. The unit I am selling has been 'babied' since it was purchased and had it's firmware chip and software updated to the latest appropriate for a Windows based system. I'm sure Clay would be happy to provide you with the firmware for Linux or other based systems. The internal are set for XLR output but can be configured for RCA output (to resolve ground loop/hum issues). Included are the main DAC body, standard power supply, remote control (which never left it's packaging), and I can provide the user manual given to me and invoice of the purchase (PDF).
      Pickup is available in South Yarra, Melbourne and I am able to post Australia wide at your expense. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.




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      Price: $200 Item Condition: Great - 9/10 Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Clovelly State: New South Wales Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Reason for selling: NLR Further information: 
      Hi there, I'm regrettably letting go of my OBJECTIVE2+ODAC  dac/amp combo from JDS Labs. 
      This is a ripping little unit with 600+mW, and 2 x gain stages. Unlike other O2/ODAC models, this one had the power connection on the rear, and is also to accept an analogue line-in from another source so can work as a standalone headphone amp. The ODAC section can work as a standalone DAC, and is USB powered meaning it doesn't need to be plugged in. 
      This has performed flawlessly for me, and I'm only letting it go as I'm working from home these days and my Questyle is performing desktop duties. 
      Unit will be come with the wall-wart power supply and usb data cable. 
      Pick-up from Clovelly, Sydney.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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      Price: $150 Item Condition: Used Shipping Options: Pickup is available Suburb or Town: St George Area State: New South Wales Payment Method: Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: NLR Further information: The DAC was purchased from Pymble HiFi. The owner of Pymble HiFi made some improvement mods, better caps etc (I have no idea of the details). Also, the power supply was upgraded to a higher current version (10V 2.4A).

    • By SBM
      Hi Guys,
      I hope everyone is safe and following the isolation and stay safe rules during this tough times. Take care.
      Question about a DAC.
      listening to my recently acquired Monitor Audio speaker with Rotel 971 MKll amplifier.
       Today , I just added my old Fiio E17 DAC and headphone amp, vow immediately the sound signature become very impressive. Now the music is very clear and high are smooth.
      But the DAC supports only 16bit/48khz , if I play music from tidal master or Spotify or youtube irrespective of the source quality.
      So all the music is streamed in 16/48khz by Fiio? If the quality is low the DAC upgrade the sound?
      Please excuse me for the dumb question, This is my first DAC for stereo music.
      Oppo AX7 mobile

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