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FS: Karri Walpole speakers

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Item: Karri Walpole Speakers - in Jarrah
Location: Central Coast 2257
Price: $600
Item Condition:  Excellent
Reason for selling:   Upgraded to something much more $$$
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: 
Quoting from Australian Hi-Fi in 2015……”Karri Acoustic's smallest speaker is the floor-standing Walpole, which uses an upward-facing 152mm-diameter bass/midrange driver in an omnidirectional mode, bass-reflex configuration with a downward-firing port. The driver has a cast aluminium basket and geometrically reinforced aluminium cone. This is crossed, via a series 6dB per octave crossover circuit, to a tweeter with 64mm diameter aluminium cone that’s driven by neodymium magnet and operates in a waveguide-loaded dipole configuration.”

What I can say is that the open baffle tweeter gives them a wonderful open sound, and the ported bass goes WAY low…..much lower than you’d expect from a 152mm (6”) driver.   Hand made in Western Australia.  

Bonus….beautiful design, real Jarrah veneers, and Marri frames for the tweeters.   Original new price - $1,500, and I understand these are no more than 3 or 4 years old.

I have boxes which will safely facilitate local delivery, but sending via the mail / courier could be problematic, as I’d hate for the tweeters to be damaged, plus packaged they are 115cm long.     Pickup from 2257 Central Coast, or I could arrange pickup from Killara (2071).









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Does it mean that it is less problematic with room treatment since base is firing upward instead of backward? 🤔

Best luck on sale. It looks very unique :) 

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Actually it's a bit more complex than even that.   They have a bottom port, so the deep bass comes out the bottom...so to speak.    But they DO seem to "disappear" more than normal front-facing, closed-box designs.

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I had a pair of these, in Jarrah as well.


Loved them. The bass is from the bottom, found it best on hard floor. Super speaker and for the price I don't know how you could do better for a small floorstander.


They don't mind a little power as well. GLWS. Should go soon.

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