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WiFi Audio Streamers - Chromecast alternatives

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Hi folks 👋


I've had the Chromecast Audio for some time and am looking for another higher quality solution (won't be upgrading my integrated amplifier to get that functionality). 

I would like something that will allow me to stream music using my Deezer subscription and FLAC files from my Synology NAS. 


Are there similar boxes you're using? If so, which ones, and what are the pros and cons? Would love to hear your extended thoughts :)




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Just for clarification, did you want to stream from your NAS to an existing amp and speakers, or are you after an integrated solution?

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Do a search for "Raspberry Pi" in the search box.

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Yeah, I swapped from a CC Audio to a RPi running PiCorePlayer as a single box solution (LMS and Squeezelite on the single box). Mainly because of the crappy support for casting in the Tidal app. The combination of the RPi and iPeng as a phone interface app is much more stable and reliable. Downside is that the user interface of iPeng is sliiightly more clunky than the Tidal app. However, I'm also enjoying the extra flexibility of being able to try USB DAC's, or other DAC hats. Plus now being able to play from FLAC on a usb stick or via a network mount.

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What is budget?  And why not continue with Chromecast ? For the money, it is hard to beat.


And are you considering a separate DAC?

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Hi.  If you are successfully using Deezer with Chromecast Audio I would really like to know your settings.


I have a NAD D3045 hybrid dac+amp and connect Chromecast Audio to it with optical cable.


Because of all the dropout problems Deezer seems to have using Chromecast Audio and their failure to provide solutions (see here) I have been using a headless Intel NUC pc running the windows version of Deezer.  It's quite small and I use USB to connect it to the D3045. It lets you play flac if you have a Deezer HiFi subscription and also download tracks if that's of interest.  Playing from NAS from the NUC I use JRiver, although that works fine to Chromecast anyway so I don't really need to.


Comparison to Chromecast Audio with Deezer



more expensive (cost me about $300)

no multi room zones if that's something you are doing with multiple CCA's

you need an audio quality USB cable



it works!! I can once again have an enjoyable listening experience

can download first if you have network considerations that make it advantageous

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    • By Neo
      Item:  Yamaha WXA-50
      Location: Lane Cove 2066
      Price: $350 ( donation to SNA )
      Item Condition: 9/10
      Reason for selling: upgrade
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,
      Extra Info: versatile unit and surprisingly great sounding for such a small footprint. Have the original packaging so can post at buyers expense 

    • By **ZEP**
      Item: COCKTAIL AUDIO X50D + 2 x 2TB WD Black HDD's
      Location: Melbourne (Bayside)
      Price: $2,275 OVNO
      Item Condition: Spanking
      Reason for selling: Upgrade
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only
      Extra Info: To be honest this is a fantastic piece of Audio Equipment. Its one of the best all rounders I've ever owned! it does everything - Ripper, Streamer, Storage, Transport, CD Player, Video Output....Full Specs are below. Selling due to upgrade.
      Most versatile and powerful Pure Digital Music Server with database, CD Ripper, Network Streamer and much more
      Features of Hardware and Engineering Equipped with high-performance Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor running at 1.0Ghz XMOS 32bit/500MIPS 8 Core Powerful Microcontroller DDR-1066 1GByte Main Memory and 8GByte Nand Flash Memory High speed optical disk drive for quick CD ripping 7 inch TFT LCD(1024 x 600 pixels) screen for intuitive GUI DAB+/FM Tuner built-in USB Audio Class 2.0 Output for connecting to an USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter(DAC) I²S Digital Out(RJ45 & HDMI) to support up to Native DSD including 24bit/192Khz Giga Fast Ethernet(10/100/1000Mbps) built-in Support up to 8TB(Tera Bytes) storage like 3.5"/2.5" hard disk or SSD Using RAID System function, total 16TB storage configuration is possible HDMI Out connector for using an external screen like TV as its GUI screen Rugged chassis construction with full aluminum body chassis by CNC cutting Versatile Software functionalities and usage Support various file formats like MQA, DSD(64/128/256), DXD(24Bit/352.8Khz), including 24Bit/192Khz WAV/FLAC and full range hi-res audio file formats CD Ripping with professional CD metadata and album cover art provided by Gracenote Make your own digital music file collection of DAB+/FM radio and Internet radio to X50D MusicDB via its recording function with hi-res sampling rate 24bit/192Khz High Connectivity Various network protocol supported(UPnP(DLNA) Server/Client/Media Renderer, Samba Server/Client, FTP Server,Web Server, etc Major Music Streaming Services(TIDAL, TIDAL MQA, Deezer, Qobuz, Napster, Spotify Connect) and Internet Radio(Airable) available Customized Remote Control App, NOVATRON MusicX for iOS and Android Customized WebInterface(WebUI) for remote control and MusicDB management by PC Support 'Roon Ready', which is the famous Music Player for Music Lovers High Performance System Resources and custom-designed software
      Based on Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 main processor running at 1.0GHz, additional 32Bit/500MIPS Microcontroller and custom-designed smart software, the X50D will satisfy highend audiophiles and all music lovers with great performance and versatile features
      Wonderful Sound Quality created by in-house circuit design know-how and qualified components
      Our all experiences, know-how and technoligies for digital circuit design accumlated for long period and qualified components are applied completely to the X50D to deliver great sound to music lovers
      XMOS 32Bit/500MIPS 8 Core Powerful Microcontroller
      X50D can support up to Native DSD256 via its I²S Digital Output(RJ45 & HDMI) for highend audiophiles who have already a nice DAC which has I²S Digital Input
      DAB+ Tuner and FM Radio Tuner
      For high quality digital radio and traditional FM Radio, X50D offers DAB+ tuner and FM tuner
      High Quality Digital Out Terminal
      Two Coaxial Out, Toslink and AES/EBU XRL are available to let users make perfect audio component system by connecting to various external devices
      USB Audio Class 2.0 Output
      For music lovers and audiophiles who have already nice USB DAC, the USB Audio Out solution will be very useful
      12V Trigger Out and In
      You could use 12V Trigger Out/In to trigger(on/off ) a connected device like amplifier
      Word Clock
      Via this Word Clock Out, X50D will send out the sample rate signal of currently playing file
      Two High Speed USB3.0 Host Ports
      For quick data transfer purpose, X50D offers two(2) high speed USB3.0 Host ports at rear side
      HDMI for bigger external screen or Audio out
      Via this HDMI out, users may connect to bigger external screen for GUI, or connect to an audio devices which have HDMI input
      RAID System with Two Storage Deck for Music Server
      X50D offers two storage decks which accept 3.5"/2.5" SATA hard disk and Solid State Drive(SSD). According to users' purpose, they can setup RAID system easily. X50D offers three(3) kinds of RAID mode such as Mirror, Stripe and Big
      CD Ripping with Gracenote CD metadata and Album cover art
      Load all your CD collection onto the X50D Music Database in FLAC, ALAC, WAV or MP3 file format with professional CD metadata and album cover art from Gracenote
      Music Database function
      The X50D has a well-organized Music Database built-in, which offers very nice and convenient functions like SEARCH, display by text or cover art, SORT, various View, etc
      Digital Inputs
      X50D has digital inputs(Toslink & Coaxial) for connecting to external source devices. You can make your own digital music collection by X50D's recording function
      Recording with 192Khz hi-res sampling rate
      The X50D offers a recording function for internet radio, DAB+/FM radio and Digital Inputs. You can make your own digital music collection with wonderful sound
      Auto/Manual Cutting for the recorded files
      Auto/Manual cutting function to edit the recorded files is available at the X50D. You can easily edit files and import them into X50D Music Database
      Versatile Networking and Remote Control with a Customized App
      Connect the X50D to your network for streaming music to and from other devices, listen to cloud based music services and control remotely using mobile devices with our customized remote control app, NOVATRON MusicX or WebInterface
      Control remotely by mobile devices with customized Remote Control App, NOVATRON MusicX app
      Major Music Streaming Services integrated
      You can access tens of thousands of internet radio stations and online music services like TIDAL, Deezer, Napster and Qobuz including Spotify Connect function
      Control remotely by PC with WebInterface
      Control the X50D remotely by your PC with its nice WebInterface function
      Support various network protocols like UPnP Server/Client/Renderer, Samba Server/Client
      Stream songs to and from other compatible devices in the same network
      AirPlay and Spotify Connect
      You can play songs from iOS devices and musics from Spotify via X50D wirelessly
      Control X50D by Roon
      As X50D supports 'Roon Ready', you can control X50D with Roon, which is great music player for music loves
      7 inch TFT LCD Screen for Intuitive GUI and HDMI Out for external screen
      7 inch big screen will let you control the X50D easily with intuitive GUI, and connect it to your TV for an external screen to view bigger GUI or a slideshow of photos while listening to your music collection
      DAB+/FM Radio Tuner built-in
      Enjoy high quality digital radio via DAB+ Tuner, and record any song or broadcast with high quality sound
      High Connectivity for various external devices
      2 x USB3.0 host at rear and 1 x USB2.0 host GigaFast Ethernet LAN HDMI Out for external screen or Audio out USB Audio Class2.0 Output Digital Outputs(2 x I²S, 1 x Word Clock, 2 x Coaxial, 1 x Toslink, 1 x AES/EBU XRL, 1 x HDMI) Digital Inputs(1 x Coaxial, 1 x Toslink) And more..... Two(2) Storage Decks for Music Server
      3.5"/2.5" SATA hard disk and Solid State Drive(SSD) is accepted to the X50D, which supports up to 8TB capacity of individual storage. X50D offers RAID System configuration. According to users' purpose, they can setup RAID system easily by themselves. It offers three(3) kinds of RAID mode such as Mirror, Stripe and Big
      Rugged and durable casing with full aluminum CNC cutting
      The X50D front panel is based on 13mm thickness aluminum with CNC cutting, and whole body also is based on full aluminum CNC cutting. The die-cast aluminum feet provide rigidity along with additional resistance from external vibration.
      Model name cocktailAudio X50(D) Host CPU & Memory CPU: Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 running at 1.0GHz Main Memory: DDR-1066 1GByte NAND Flash 8GByte CD Player Type Front Loading Supported media CD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW Display 7.0" TFT LCD(1,024 x 600pixels)(* able to connect to ext. screen via HDMI out) Interface Key & Jog(Volume/Scroll), IR Remote Control, Customized Remote App for iOS and
      Android devices, Web Interface Digital out
      (Variable/Fixed) COAXIAL x 2 S/PDIF 75ohm RCA, Sample rate: up to 24bit/192KHz TOSLINK x 1 S/PDIF, Sample rate: up to 24bit/192KHz AES/EBU/XRL x 1 110ohm, Sample rate: up to 24bit/192KHz I²S Out x 2 RJ45 Native DSD, DoP, PCM up to 24bit/192Khz HDMI Native DSD, DoP, PCM up to 24bit/192Khz USB Audio x 1 USB Audio Class 2.0 Out(supported up to DSD256) HDMI Out x 1 HDMI Audio Out(*Shared with HDMI Out for external screen) Word Clock Out up to 192KHz Digital Input
      (For X50D only) COAXIAL x 1 Sample Rate up to 24bit/192Khz TOSLINK x 1 Sample Rate up to 24bit/192Khz Supported Storage Hard Disk 2.5" SATA, up to 8TB * Two(2) Storage Decks
      * RAID System for two storages
      (3 modes: Mirror, Stripe or Big) 3.5" SATA, up to 8TB SSD 2.5" SATA, up to 8TB Tuner DAB+/FM DAB+/FM Tuner built-in(Selectable for DAB/DAB+ or FM Radio) Connectivity USB Host USB3.0(5V/1A) x 2 at rear
      USB2.0(5V/1A) x 1 at front Network Wired Giga Fast Ethernet(10/100/1000Mbs) Wireless(Option) ※ 802.11b/g/n WiFi USB dongle(Option) 12V Trigger Out Max 200mA, 12V In Max 12V HDMI Out Connect to external screen(* Shared with HDMI Audio Out) Codec 
      & Format supported MQA, DSD(DSD64, DSD128, DSD256), DXD(24Bit/352.8Khz),
      HD WAV(24Bit/192KHz), HD FLAC(24Bit/192KHz), APE/CUE, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, AIF, AAC, M4A, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, PCM, M3U, PLS, CAF, etc Network Protocols
      Supported UPnP(DLNA) Server/Client/Media Renderer, Samba Server/Client, FTP Server,
      Web Server, etc Internet
      Services Internet Radio Airable Online Music Services TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify Connect Supported OSD languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean(To be added by request) Power Source AC110 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz Free Voltage Mechanical Material Front 13mm thickness aluminum by CNC cutting Knob Aluminum by CNC cutting Body Full aluminum by CNC cutting Dimension Without foot 441mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 80mm(H) With foot 441mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 100mm(H) Certificate CE, FCC, EMI, etc  
      Silver in Colour - Special Factory order....Full Australia Power Supply compatible - This is NOT a US import.
      Original BOX and Papers.
      Additional Wireless USB Network Adaptor Included.
      NON Smoking and Pet Free Home.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.



    • By BlueOceanBoy
      Item: Lumin U1 Mini Digital Streamer
      Location: Brisbane - Free express insured post AUS wide
      Price: $2799  - offers considered
      Item Condition: As new presentation 28/8/19
      Reason for selling: NLR - upgraded (I hope) to Auralic/Luxman combo
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:
      For Sale
      Lumin U1 Mini Streamer
      $2799 ono
      “As new” Condition
      Bought AUS store 28/8/19
      Capable of upsampling and downsampling all the way from 44.1kHz to DSD128 and supporting playback of DSD256, LUMIN U1 MINI matches the U1 in almost every area - except price.
      Transport-only unit combines the best of LUMIN U1 and LUMIN D2
      Identical processor supports DSD256 and 384khz playback Quad native clock system for precision timing Low noise shielded switching power supply 5 types of digital audio output including USB MQA Decoding Resamping to every supported format up to DSD128 Supports DoP (DSD over PCM) for Optical, Coaxial RCA, Coaxial BNC & AES/EUB SPDIF  
      Stream everything
      From MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV, LUMIN can play all the high-resolution formats you could ever want. Have a thirst for new music? No problem – LUMIN comes with native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay, giving you access to tens of millions of songs.
      Take control
      The LUMIN App is created in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.
      It represents our vision of how to make music browsing and playback easy, visual, and tactile.
      Always one step ahead
      LUMIN is always evolving. The full LUMIN range benefits from our programme of continuous development, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that wherever possible we'll bring you the latest streaming technologies.
      In 2017 every LUMIN model gained compatibility with Roon, MQA and Spotify Connect — all absolutely free of charge.
      Musical performance
      We put a huge amount of effort into sourcing the highest-grade matching components, creating truly balanced circuits, designing cases that shield from interference, etc, etc, but it's only important if the end result effectively communicates the intentions of the artist.
      Notably, the common thread in every published and consumer review of all LUMIN products is musicality.
      DSD SUPPORT: Up to DSD256 11.2MHz, 1-bit PCM SUPPORT: Up to 384kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo DIGITAL OUTPUT STAGE: USB: DSD256, 11.2MHz, 1-bit, Stereo PCM 44.1–384kHz, 16–24-bit, Stereo OPTICAL, COAXIAL RCA, COAXIAL BNC & AES/EBU: DSD (DoP, DSD over PCM) 2.8MHz, 1-bit PCM 44.1kHz–192kHz, 16–24-bit POWER SUPPLY: Internal shielded 100–240V AC auto-ranging PHYSICAL: FINISH: Raw brushed aluminium or black anodised brushed aluminium D2 UNIT:
      300mm (W), 244mm (D), 60mm (H), 2.5kg PACKAGING: 470mm (W), 340mm (D), 170mm (H), 4.5kg  
      STREAMING PROTOCOL: UPnP AV protocol with audio streaming extension (OpenHome) Roon Ready Spotify Connect Apple AirPlay Gapless Playback On-Device Playlist APP FEATURES: Native support for TIDAL, MQA, Qobuz and TuneIn Radio. Tidal MQA icons to identify high-res music Qobuz high-res icons to identify high-res music Volume control High-resolution artwork Artwork caching Search Multiple tag handling Composer tag support Album-grouping in playlist Automatic internet links to artists/album/songs Saving and restoring of playlists (including Tidal and Quobuz) SUPPORTED AUDIO FILE FORMATS: DSD Lossless: DSF (DSD), DIFF (DSD), DoP (DSD) PCM Lossless: FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, AIFF Compressed (lossy) Audio: MP3, AAC (in M4A container) MQA  
      INPUT: Ethernet RJ45 network 100Base-T (1000Base-T Gigabit on X1 / U1 / U1 MINI / D2 / M1) USB storage, flash drive, USB hard disk (Single-partition FAT32, exFAT, NTFS) SUPPORTED CONTROL DEVICES: All models of Apple iPad (v2 or later). iOS 8.0 or later required. Full Retina Display support. Android devices. Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later required OTHER: Programme of Continuous Development – Firmware-upgradable for further features and enhancements
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Mikety
      Item: Auralic Aires with Linear PSU
      Location: 2450
      Price: $1350 including postage 
      Item Condition: very good 
      Reason for selling: no Android version app
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I have just purchased from a friend, but just known it doesn't support android phone. Don't want to change phone to use it so let it go.
      No original box but will pack securely to post.

    • By krusto
      Item: Yamaha NP-S303 Network Streamer 
      Location: Bendigo (VIC)
      Price: $250 + postage
      Item Condition: Very good (but has a mark on chassis)
      Reason for selling: NLR 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Part of an old audio setup I had, Great streamer, very versatile and going cheap. The MusicCast app is also feature packed and easy to use.
      Somehow it received a scratch, but of course it doesn't effect anything. Pic included.

          NP-S303 Network Players Network section DLNA Version 1.5 File Format MP3, WMA, MPEG4 AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, DSD Audio Sample Rate (MP3 / WMA / MPEG4 AAC) 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48kHz (WAV / FLAC / AIFF) 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 64, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz (ALC) 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz (DSD) 2.8, 5.6 kHz Bit Depths 16-bit, 24-bit (WAV / FLAC / ALAC / AIFF file only) Wi-Fi Yes (with Wireless Direct) AirPlay Yes Bluetooth Yes (SBC / AAC) Analog Output 1 (RCA) Digital Audio Out 2 (Optical / Coaxial) USB Input Yes Ethernet Yes Internet Radio Yes (airable. radio) Standby Power Consumption 0.1 W (Network standby on / Wi-Fi connection; 1.5 W) Dimensions (W x H x D) 435 x 87 x 289 mm (with antenna up: 435 x 148 x 289 mm); 17-1/8” x 3-3/8” x 11-3/8” (with antenna up: 17-1/8” x 5-7/8” x 11-3/8”) Weight 2.7 kg; 6.0 lbs.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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