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The lowering costs of TV’s over the years

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12 minutes ago, bob_m_54 said:

I remember paying $2,000 for  51cm Sony around 1994 (it had awesome sound for a telly), and our first colour TV was a National 48cm for about $400 back in 1977.


From 1993 till about 2000, I used to repair TVs, and used to hate the Cheap Korean and Chinese TVs that started to flood the market. Brands like Masuda and President (just a couple I remember) that had exploding power supplies. I used to wear safety goggles when powering up for the first time after repairs. When the power supply caps went, they'd explode and instantly fill the workshop with smoke, and all the innards would be scattered around the bench. The mid range Korean (NEC Samsung Toshiba etc) jobs weren't so bad, but they used to keep me pretty busy. Brands like Sony, Philips and National Panasonic were good, and some of the European ones.

Back then the $AUS was floating around the $0.50 and if I remember dipped below $0.50US.  Interest rate tumbled to 6-7% from a high 17.5% .    And this effected all imports.  I remember paying $400 in 1990 for a 31cm Toshiba, just got married and moved out of home with a bun brewing in the oven, so financially really tight. 

I remember those Masuda, don’t know how anyone would consider the looking st the image quality.  I was in China in 1994 and some of the Chinese brands just didn’t have that brightness or color saturation like the Sony or Panasonic did.

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