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SOLD: FS: XLO Electric Reference 5 Speaker cable

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Item: XLO Electric Reference 5 Speaker cable; 3.5m pair; spades at amplifier end and banana plug at speaker end
Price: $450.00 o.n.o.
Item Condition:Good. The pictures attached will confirm this.
Reason for selling:Have not been used for some time
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:I have not seen them advertised anywhere therefore I am not certain what their price should be. My asking price may be fair, but I will accept any reasonable offer.

There is a short description on XLO at  https://hometheaterreview.com/xlo-electric/ which may give readers an idea of the company.






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    • By woogie59
      Item: Audioquest Gilbraltar, 2m single speaker cable, bi-wire,  bananas, 72DBS
      Location: Sydney
      Price: Reduced to $180 including postage. Cost me over $600 when new!
      Item Condition: 7/10
      Reason for selling: Excess
      Payment Method: Post/Pickup - Cash/Direct Credit
      Extra Info:
      Bought this new from Len Wallis audio over five years ago.
      I think RRP was about $800.
      Normal wear and tear from use, ie. a bit of pilling of the outside brand, some scratches on one of the end cables covers. 
      The DBS unit is 72v but is one of those older ones that were rubbery so has become "sticky".
      Gilbraltar was one of the more popular Audioquest speaker cables due to it's bang for buck performance.

    • By TuThai
      Item: Kimber Cable 8TC
      Location: Botany, Sydney
      Price: $350
      Item Condition: very good condition
      Reason for selling: no more use
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      - I bought the cables in a Hifi shop in Botany, 2019 (official Kimber Cables dealer)
      - 2x2.5m

    • By Jventer
      Item: XLO Reference 2 power cable x 2, 1.8m, with Oyaide (US) plugs
      Location: Grafton NSW
      Price: $450 for both or $240 each
      Item Condition: Used, but in very good condition.
      Reason for selling: Downsizing
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I am a huge XLO fan.   I started with interconnects and then bought speaker cables and power cables as I wanted a complete loom of XLO cables.  
      These power cables was purchased from a respected SNA member a few years ago.
      Now selling these and various other items as I am downsizing/simplifying.
      The Oyaide plugs: The P-046 is a US plug - currently the price for that is $102. The C-046 is a normal IEc plug. Currently the price is $96.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Tenchi
      Item: Chord UK Odyssey 4 - 2.5m Pair
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $175 ono
      Item Condition: Great
      Reason for selling: Been sitting around after room layout change and one side was 10cm too short
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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