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Surround wall speakers - Paradigm options

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Can you move the side surrounds further forward? generally inline with the front row ear level?

If you draw a line from the Front Left and Front Right speakers to the rear, I'd align the back surrounds to that. But if the FL and FR are straddling your screen/tv (so are placed much wider) and are closer to the side walls, then locate the rear surrounds no further than 30% in from the sides.

Try to keep the mounting height the same between all the surrounds, so that will probably be dictated by the rear surrounds. I put mine about 40cm above rear seat height but I measured my speaker directivity angle and used that as reference to finalise the height position.

If you are set on getting paradigms (which as another strong suggestion would you look at alternative speakers?), have a play with them in the room to see where they sound best, then consider adding room treatment.

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