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FS: Original Orchestral/Instrumental Film Soundtracks on CD

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Item: Original Orchestral/Instrumental Film Soundtracks on CD


Location: Canberra (can ship outside Canberra)

Price: as stated

Item Condition: Excellent and Above

Reason for selling: no longer required

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info: For multiple items can save on shipping by not sending jewelcases, just discs and inserts with some insulating material. Let me know if you need track listings.
Pictures: Send me a private message and I can forward images of cover art to your mobile.






THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (Bernard Herrmann) (Kritzerland, U.S., 2014) $10   


Iconic score for this 1951 science fiction classic, with unconventional orchestration for the time (including electric string instruments, Hammond and electric organs and two theremins, one played by the legendary Samuel Hoffman). Remastered edition with additional tracks. Limited Edition which sold out almost immediately.    SOLD



LA DOLCE VITA (Nino Rota) (Sugar, Italy, 2012) $10


Mesmerizing music for Fellini's 1960 magnum opus. Typical of his work for the director, Rota interpolates many existing popular numbers. Remastered digipak edition.



1492 (Vangelis) (EastWest, Germany) $5


Richly textured music for Ridley Scott's 1992 movie featuring Gerard Depardieu as Christopher Columbus. The choral writing anticipates Vangelis' stunning approach to MYTHODEARESERVED



FLESH + BLOOD (Basil Poledouris) (Intrada, U.S., 2010) $10


Magnificent symphonic score from the composer of the original CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Greatly expanded over the original LP & CD editions (with over 30 minutes of extra material). The bonus material has also much improved sound quality over the 2002 Expanded Edition on the Prometheus label. Limited Edition which sold out almost immediately.  RESERVED



THE IPCRESS FILE (John Barry) (Silva Screen, U.K., 2002) $10


Early jazz inflected score from the master. (The movie is not like the Bond pictures, and neither is the music.) Barry makes striking use of the cymbalom. The producers of this release supplemented the original album program with dialogue snippets. If you use the program function on your remote to edit them out, you won't lose any of the music. Remastered edition with different front cover art to the previous Decca/MCA editions.



IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (Ernest Gold) (Kritzerland, U.S., 2011) $10


Adroit lesson on how to score a comedy from Oscar-winner Gold. Remastering of the program specially recorded by United Artists Records in the early '60's. With several bonus tracks.



LAST TANGO IN PARIS (Gato Barbieri) (Varese Sarabande, U.S., 2004) $10


Hard to find edition at an affordable price. Not only does this contain the program specially recorded by the composer for United Artists Records in the early '70's but also a 27 minute suite of the original movie tracks arranged by Oliver
Nelson. What a trip!  RESERVED



THE LEOPARD (IL GATTOPARDO) (Nino Rota) (Sugar, Italy, 2012) $10


Magnificent symphonic score for Luchino Visconti's 1963 masterpiece. (The titles music often gets played on ABC-FM, but here's a chance to own the original album program.) The first half is Rota's dramatic scoring, the second half consists of the dances he wrote for the closing ball scene. (Also included is a previously unpublished waltz by Giuseppe Verdi which premiered in the movie.) Remastered digipak edition with different front cover art.  RESERVED



THE MISFITS (Alex North) (Varese Sarabande, Germany, 2004) $5


The original United Artists soundtrack album only had about 14 minutes of North's score. (The other side consisted of miscellaneous, previously released material.) Now here we have an extended account, with over half an hour of previously unreleased music (including a 14 minute suite for the Round Up scene). One of the most brilliant musicians ever to write for the cinema! Front cover art is the same as for the local DVD edition.




Marvellously lyrical music for some of the most evocative movies about childhood. Over an hour of music.


THE PIANO (Michael Nyman) (Virgin, Germany, 2004) $5


This music hardly needs any introduction! Remastered digipak edition.


POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE (Jerry Goldsmith) (Varese Sarabande, U.S., 2004) $10 

Eerie and majestic music from the genre master Goldsmith. Deluxe Edition, with over 30 minutes of music not contained on the 1986 LP and CD editions.   SOLD



RAMBO III (Jerry Goldsmith) (Intrada, U.S., 2005) $10


Virtually complete orchestral score (over 76 minutes!), almost three times as much as the amount of Goldsmith which appeared on the original 1988 Scotti Brothers soundtrack album. This is a remastered edition of Intrada's earlier incarnation, with different front cover art.


RIO CONCHOS (Jerry Goldsmith) (Kritzerland, U.S., 2014) $10


Exciting early western score from this master composer. Original film tracks (not to be confused with the 1989 re-recording which Goldsmith recorded in London with the London Symphony) with vastly improved sound quality over the previous release. Limited Edition which sold out quickly.   SOLD


ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS (ROCCO E I SUOI FRATELLI) (Nino Rota) (Sugar, Italy, 2012)  $10


Masterly Rota score for one of Luchino Visconti's finest films. Remastered digipak edition.


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