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SOLD: FS: Bowers & Wilkins HTM1D Centre Speaker

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Item: Bowers & Wilkins HTM1D Centre Speaker
Location: Perth
Price: $5000
Item Condition: Used
Reason for selling: No longer required
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info: Quite possibly one of the biggest and baddest Centre channels you’ll ever find. It’s quite rare to see these for sale, especially in Oz. 


The HTM1D is the largest of four centre speakers in the 800 Series. The full configuration of FSTTM midrange
in a Marlan® sphere / tube ‘head’ with diamond dome tweeter on top is used, so that the system perfectly voice matches either the 800D, 801D or 802D in a substantial and powerful multi-channel installation.
The HTM1D uses three 8” diameter Rohacell® cone drivers with twin rear-firing FlowportsTM. All drivers are, of course, magnetically shielded to avoid picture distortion with CRT-based screens.
The HTM1D is specifically intended to be mounted
on the floor, its low profile allowing a large projection screen to come within 2 ft. of the floor. Supplied with the system are four heavy-duty height-adjustable feet. This design allows up to 1.6” of vertical adjustment so that the speaker may be tilted back to face more towards the listeners. They have a case hardened spike at one end for carpeted floors, and a non-marking rubber pad on the other for more vulnerable surfaces.  


http://bwgroupsupport.com/downloads/specsheets/bw/HTM1D InfoSheet.pdf




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      I was going to sell it on e-bay but my brother scolded me and told me that it would be better appreciated by people on the DTV Forum. I know my brother would prefer to see it in the hands of a real audio enthusiast who can use it to compliment their set up.
      700mm wide (exact measurements)
      215mm high
      515mm deep

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