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What causes a new amp to randomly fail a power on from standby?

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3 hours ago, twofires said:

The input selected on power up was the cable, which might suggest it was the culprit, somehow?

Yup, was able to replicate it. If the RCA to 3.5mm cable is connected to the active input (with nothing connected to it) when the amp is turned on, the amp immediately switches back off.


I'm guessing this is to protect itself from operator stupity, and I won't repeat the error.

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Aaaaaand nope - still doing it. Removed the powerboard, and it's not that either.


Still trying to isolate the issue, which is made difficult by the fact that the unit requires an undetermined cool down time before it happens.


Next step will be to to try with all inputs and interconnects disconnected, only the speakers. After that, a different set of speakers and cables. After that, it's going back in a box and back to the store.  😕


Update: the amp still did it with only the speakers connected, however preliminary results suggest it's the speakers and not the amp. When I connected a teeny set of Yamaha speakers to the amp instead, it powered on without issue. I'll give it more time before the next power on to confirm.


Further update: the issue persists, and so I've returned it to the store for investigation. 

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