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Are these caps genuine? (Nichicon UFW)

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19 hours ago, Decky said:

My school of thought is slightly different. Flux residue can be (semi)conductive and cause leak currents and increase corrosion over time. "No-clean" does not mean that after-solder cleaning is not required. 


Some reading material on the topic but there are many more:


https://www.kester.com/Portals/0/Documents/Knowledge Base/Publications/International Conference on Soldering and Reliability ICSR 2016_paper_Why Clean A No-Clean Flux.pdf?ver=2017-01-26-102146-280 

Most of that article is concerned (rightly) with the difficulties surrounding surface mount components. When I am required to mount such components, I remove flux. Mostly to ensure that there are no shorts between legs. I would argue that trying to clean flux from through hole boards can cause more problems than it attempts to solve. We're not building stuff intended to remain in low Earth orbit, or for an extended mission to Pluto, after all. 


19 hours ago, Decky said:




 @Zaphod Beeblebrox - please refrain from using capital letters - it has been one of the rules on this and any other forum for a very long time. There is no need to shout. Everyone has an opinion - let's share them in a civilized manner so we can learn something from one another. 


Also - IPA cannot damage the FR4/G10 or phenolic based PCB laminate material. On the other hand, acetone can and should not be used at all. 

Of course. Acetone is very nasty stuff. IPA is pretty much all I use. 

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Okay, this is unrelated to capacitors,but i dont wanna start a new thread. On the main amplifier board, there are 4 pairs of TO-92L BJTs. The PCB is lightly discolored under them and before i took the amp apart, i noticed they run at like 65-70°C. I think they are the pre-amplifier transistors. Do you think they run hot because i feed the amp too high signal? The CD input sensitivity is 0.150V, but all of my gear outputs atleast 1Vrms. Is that anything harmful? I dont wanna lower the digital volume since it screws up with quality.

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