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One sub or two.

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On 15/01/2019 at 4:00 PM, Stardust said:

Back on topic. So whether two subs are better than one, is best determined by listening. 

Listening will tell you whether or not you like a specific setup, or not......   It won't tell you anything else.    You won't know the cause of what you are listening to (eg. too many subwoofers, or poorly setup?).


You should expect that adding additional bass sources will lower distortion due to not moving the woofers as much for the same SPL .... and smooths the frequency response due to the acoustic modal behaviour of a room  (ie. the problem is that not enough room modes are excited).


Both of these things are usually a problem that needs to be solved, but not necessarily.


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On 15/01/2019 at 4:00 PM, Stardust said:

Throw away those fancy gadgets and measuring equipment....they're all but useless...and trust to your ears.

Measuring and EQ are not simple.... and EQ is very powerful .... so it is not hard to make a good system be terrible.


That being said, rulers and measuring tapes can be misread too .... but when people are building a bridge over a river, they don't just guess how far it is to the other side, or how high the bridge is / should be.

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1 hour ago, steffanth said:

3 subs work well too

Indeed .... there have been a few paper published over the years which have caused people to think there is something magic about the number of subwoofers, or their positioning (eg. corners, or mid-points of walls, etc.)


These papers cause people to think in terms of a "special arrangement of subwoofers" ... but really, they are not very far different/better to random.    It helps to keep each woofer, different dimensions from other woofers, the listener, and the boundaries....  ie. as random as possible.

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