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FS: Centrance Dacport (original) 24/96 DAC and Headphone amp

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Item: Centrance Dacport (original)
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Price: $120 (inc. post)
Item Condition: Good
Reason for selling: No longer needed
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Bank Deposit
Extra Info:

The original Dacport (https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/centrance-dacport) which despite its age still gives an amazing sound. Ultra-low jitter adaptive USB interface and a warm, powerful Class A amp section. Have run this successfully with cheap 'n' cheerful low impedance cans all the way up to Sennheiser HD600s with no problems. My favourite of the truly portable USB powered DAC headamps. 24/96 compatible.


Includes a 3.5mm > 1/4" adapter, ferrite beaded USB cable and postage in Australia.





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This was my first ever DAC and it was a great little performer at the time it came out. 

It had a nice punchy and warm sound, lovely with Grado/Alessandro headphones and entry level Beyerdynamics that were very popular around the same time of its release.

I replaced mine after the release of O2 DAC (Objective 2 DAC) which I still use it to this day.


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