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Any film shooters on here?

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21 hours ago, mexicoke68 said:


I've considered it many times before and while I like the added versatility and larger neg size of the M7, the Mamiya 6 is more well built, better lens glass, faster averaging meter (vs M7 spot meter) and is way more compact when folded ... even more compact than my previous Fuji GA645 which many people consider a MF point & shoot. It also looks better in black compared to the grey mamiya 7 and is more rare - I have a soft spot for rarities. I'd consider a Mamiya 7II in black but they're like 3 times the price...


Pentax 67II ? *thunderclap* 

Not a fan of SLR medium formats but it's got some very nice lenses indeed. Great photos I've seen out of them .. must be the lens character. 



Beyond optimistic... straight ripoffs for someone who can take 5 mins of their day to browse ebay or gumtree. But, knowing the guys who run it, the prices make sense given who they market their cameras to (brunswick hipster folk with daddy's trust fund money)

I was being "polite" re "optimistic" if you get my drift.....

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If you're up in central Victoria on a day trip Gold Street Studios in Trentham well worth a detour



< gold street studios – photographic workshops & gallery

provides an inspirational resource for photographic image makers offering workshops to inspire, challenge and educate.

The workshops attract local, interstate and international participants wishing to understand and enjoy the art, craft and science of creating hand made photographs from professional instructors.

The gallery reflects the hand made traditional photographic processes offered in the workshops – holding photographs from recognized Australian and International photographic artists.

We also sell photographic supplies including an wide range of chemicals and equipment. >


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