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Tube buffer ? Placement?

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Hi, am running a Yamaha WCX50 streaming preamp- NAD c375 amp in power mode only into some tan not dc6 standmounts. Using the pramp it is crystal clear to the point of a little sharp through the Tannoys. Was wondering what your thoughts are on a tube buffer stage between the Yamaha preamp output and the NAD analogue input? 

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I like my Yaquin tube buffer in just this kind of position because it does 'smooth' the sound from the sharpness you describe. Others differ because of purist considerations but in a budget system--and with the Yaquin in particular--I don't think you'll be missing/wrecking anything.


Using Mullard NOS tubes for a warmer, richer tonality is also a great thing. Having tube-rolling fun.


The digital streaming output *might* be the culprit though, if the buffer doesn't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...


Just my 2c worth

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Buffers are not used to create "warmer" sound but to correct for impedance mismatch between a pre (source) and a power amplifier. Some people rightfully called them distortion injectors. If you are after a "warmer" sound just buy a cheap Chinese tube amp and embrace the distortion wholeheartedly. 

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