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Laptop for VLC & Spotify -

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Hi everyone


I'm looking at getting a basic laptop to just use for Spotify & to plug into my TV via HDMI to watch all formats of video ( MKV, MP4, AVI etc


The sound system it will plug into into will be my Topping D10, Pathos Twin Towers & Zu Soul Supremes. The TV is just a HD tv without 4k.


I really don't want to spend too much on this laptop - as its purely just for this basic purposes. My question is, should i be looking for any type of minimum requirement in regards to sound or the video card? Or will the purposes i want it for mean that basically all options out there will be equally capable at handling its purposes.  Sorry, i am completely inept at computers and tech stuff. At the moment I'm just looking at options at Officeworks for under $500

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Whatever you buy, get something with a Sold State Drive (SSD) for much improved overall performance.

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Current gen intels can handle 4k res with no problems i think. Audio, you dont need to worry about because you have a usb dac. I use a very old i3 underclocked laptop and that can handle hd content albeit a bit choppy. Id go with an i5 at the very least if i was to buy a laptop for music and videos. Or you can go with a raspberry pi. Cheaper and probably better since theres no running fans.

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