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Technics SL 23

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Anyone know anything about this TT?

It belongs to my neighbour. He's had it for 40 years and doesn't use it. It works but hums and he's wondering whether to fix it or pass on to someone who might use it.

Seems like a well made TT. Is it worth anything?

Cart is in good nick i think and looks like an Audio-Technica AT 91 






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My understanding is that this belt-drive is quite a reasonable turntable.  Not at the high-end of the Technics range, but certainly above the cheap+nasty consumer level.  Would certainly be worth cleaning up and repairing.  The hum could be a dislodged earth wire that needs to be soldered back in place. It would be a very competent turntable correctly set up, that could give someone much pleasure. 

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My father bought an SL-23 new in about 1977. He still has it and it's going strong.


From memory it was a mid-level TT at the time he bought it.

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Agree with all the above posters. Great sounding turntable for the money and cart-changing options too. 

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      Being a busy fella who travels for work a fair bit, I'd say I've only played somewhere between 75 and 100 albums since owning this. I found it a massive upgrade from the ProJect Xpression 3 Carbon I owned previously. Much better isolated motor giving lower noise floor. It also has an electronic speed box controller built in (hence SB in title) as compared with older Project tt's and easily switches from 33's to 45's at the push of a button, no swapping pulleys etc.
      In the right (wrong?) light there are very fine polishing swirl marks on the removable acrylic cover, as shown up by my camera in the last photo with a bright light directly above, but they are not readily noticeable in situ. I think these are largely unavoidable if you dust/clean your gear regularly. Otherwise it is unmarked.

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      Relisting with just the Turntable with a price drop also.  Absolute bargain for a TT of this caliber.  Price includes any shipping, local pick up gets an NZD $200 discount.  Decided to keep the OL silver arm, which makes the TT more affordable and meant I can drop the price a bit more too.  To be honest this TT deserved a much higher arm than the silver, and you real vinyl nuts probably have oodles of arms stashed everywhere and usually prefer your own weapon of choice!

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      Item:  ProJect TT with AT440MLA Cart
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      Price: $375
      Item Condition: Excellent with Clear moulded cover and Original box and Record Clamp.
      Reason for selling: Going Digital
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      Extra Info: Bought from SNA a while back. I thought I'd stick my toe back into Vinyl, but decided its not for me.
      Also have a Schitt Mani MC/MM preamplifier available if this sells. $150. Also Excellent with Original box.
      I've been told the AT440MLA is worth as much as I am asking for the entire TT. Played a couple of records, Cart souns great. Not noisy. Its had liitle use I think.
      Happy to Ship anywhere

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