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Just mucking around

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Not sure if this is the right spot.

I'm just mucking around with TV antennas at the moment, probably trying to do the impossible. I'm located just east of Brisbane in Redlands and I thought I would have a crack at picking up some stations further afield. I have always known where I'm located that I could pick up the sunshine coast stations as I have a nice launch pad across Waterloo bay to the North. So I though I would have a crack at Gold Coast stations and Northern NSW stations. I have both a "43" element yagi and a 4 bow tie phase array. I have checked line of sight for Mt Tamborine, Springbrook and Mt Nardie using  https://www.scadacore.com/tools/rf-path/rf-line-of-sight/. I also use https://ozdigitaltv.com/transmitters/QLD/103-Springbrook for location and frequencies of the TV transmitters. I have direct line of sight MT T and Springbrook but MT Nardie has Springbrook in my path. So I get the "Brisbane" TV channels at MT T but cannot get the NSW station from the same site. Obviously the TV antennas are directional for those stations with I estimate a lobe in my direction of about 650 W. Springbrook I can get channel 10 perfect because it's on 585.5 MHz and there are no other stations on that frequency. Power at Springbrook transmitter is 1 KW my direction. Tried the NSW stations but just get "no signal" on the tv. Assume the clash of digital signals cause it to spit the dummy. Not sure how digital tuners cope with multiple TV stations on the same frequency. I definitely know the Springbrook signal is there because of 585.5.


Am I trying the impossible because of the interference with the other TV stations at the back of the antennae on the same frequencies? I.e Bald Knob sunshine coast at 15Kw an ~ 3.5 Kw for the local stations. 

My antenna F/B ratio is about 22Db with a forward gain of about 13 Db. I am considering "hiding" the back of my antenna behind my house to shield some of the strong signals. Is there anything I can do to kill those signals to my North? just to add to the pain Mt Mowbullan (175km away) screams in from the North West killing any chance of channels 29-33 from Mt Nardie.


I'm not really interested in the TV content because it's all the same, just the challenge.

Is there some professional shielding I can use to kill the TV signal from behind?












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Never see many people making use of the ACMA "pdf" document list of all broadcast stations in Australia.

You need to use an online map to find the transmitter listing location coordinates and measure distance (Km) from your receiver.

Here is its link

Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations - ACMA


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