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After The Screaming Stops (2018)

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Well, never in a million years did I think I would watch this doco about Bros.  I remember absolutely hating them in the 80's, and for good reason IMHO, they were a large reason I suffered through 80's mainstream.


But being older and wiser, I must admit I got a fair bit out of this film.  It shows the fractured relationship between the twin brothers, their huge fame and how they were left broke after they separated because "all the money went to running the Bros machine".  Interestingly they are both music lovers, which most of us can relate to, influenced by their mother.  I laughed at the ironing with the drummer wearing T-shirts throughout the movie of bands that are the complete opposite of their music contribution (Soundgarden, Green Day etc.).  Their relationship for the past 20 years, at best, strained and clearly on show.


The singer brother went on to play Vegas, and has received many awards in that arena.  I recall being in Vegas a few years ago and saw that he had a show.  Due to my dislike for Bros I said I'd never see him live - now I regret that decision!


The other interesting aspect is how they talk about their huge fame and love from the fans, but how the rest of the world hated them.  It put a human aspect into their story.



Anyway, there's a bit in this for anyone who enjoys human nature stories or tales from within the music industry.

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1 hour ago, cafe67 said:

Didnt one of them.do a few movies?


Yeah the drummer one.  They cover that a little bit in the doco - you wouldn't recognise him now all these years later, but his singer brother looks very similar to their younger days.

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