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FS: GE matched Pair 5963 (12AU7!) NOS tubes. Long Black plates. 

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Item: GE matched Pair 5963 (12AU7!) NOS tubes. Long Black plates. 

Location: Brisbane

Price: $100 including post inside Aus. 

Item Condition: NOS.

Reason for selling: I have found some really nice but expensive toobs so I'm selling others  to get back some of that outlay. I had a quad of these and sold 2 of them. 

Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal, Postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3%)

Extra Info: The 5963 is a ruggedised version of the 12AU7 that runs on slightly different plate voltages. Having tested this in my BHK preamp using the standard 12AU7 voltage / current settings, I can confirm that these should be a drop-in for any 12AU7 amp / preamp. They were designed for computer circuits and have very high tolerances to variations in operating conditions.

As for sound descriptions. I had another pair which I ran briefly and they had a sound that was warm but with no obvious veiling of detail. Slightly rounded off treble (again, not a surprise unless you're talking about a Siemens tube) but it a pleasing way. Bass is good - not super deep but nicely plump. Imaging is nice - these tubes augment the ambiance in recordings in a nice way. I'd say these veer towards the "classic"tube sound without being soft or over lush.

These are amongst some highly underrated tubes that I've come across recently. The 5963 is being overlooked by a lot of people, perhaps due to concern about compatibility with their gear. As a result they are still well priced and to use a cliche they "punch above their weight".  Perfect for someone looking for a classic tube sound. Good clean tubes.


Some other opinions: http://www.tubemaze.info/rca-5963/ “A really fine blackplate from the 1950s, many audiophiles feel these outperform most of the other NOS 12AU7 tubes. Ranked on par with the European brands! “

Tested at 89/91 & 90/88 so quite close.







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