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QAC Monthly Meeting November 2018

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The next GTG will be at Steven K’s on Saturday 17th November at Cooroibah (Sunshine Coast).

Details are …

Host: Steven K
Date/time: Saturday 17th November: 11:00 am - late
Food: We will provide a BBQ lunch at Steven’s meeting. Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles welcome.


Sadly for those who expect that kind of thing there is no turntable (shock, horror) and also no CD player. Music on a USB drive can be loaded into the system but Steven imagines he can find almost anything you might want to play, or something similar.


Equipment: Steven’s equipment list below


System One

All Digital, mostly DIY, 5-way system using the Roon software and DEQX Dacs and amplifiers

Some major changes since you heard this last year.

The system has improved but IMHO still needs some tweaking. Come along and tell me what you think….



Roon Server Core [In Server cabinet in garage]

Intel Nuc Server running Roon [Rock] operating system

Music is stored on HDD in Server Core

Music is also streamed from the Internet to Roon from Tidal


Roon Control [In Server cabinet in garage]

Intel Nuc  Running Win 10 and Roon Control.

Display on 75” TV in Listening room. Wireless mouse and keyboard.

NB. Control is also available from any other device connected to the home network


DAC [In Server cabinet in garage]

Master is a DEQX HDP 5.0. Deals with top 3 drivers and system volume.

Slave is a DEQX HDP 4.0 Core. Deals with bottom two drivers.

These provide 5-way Correction, Equalisation, and Crossover.


Speakers. DIY 5 way. They are called ‘The Darkside’.


Cables. Almost all made by Steven.



Speakers are Jiri’s yellow box MTM’s and Audio Elegance 18” woofers.

An old laptop, an old TV, an ALLO Digione ethernet to SPDIF converter, an old DEQX and six Aussie Amps.


This is a surprisingly nice system….


Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles (especially cheesecake) welcome.


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