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Koool radio station has been replaced

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      Have just noticed to my surprise that when trying to listen to Koool, I get SEN 3 sports. Very strange. I love this Station, as it is really my style of music. As I listen to it at home and in my car, I thought oh maybe there was a problem with the broadcast that day. I performed a channel scan on my radio,, and there was no Koool. 

    Apparently Classic Aussie was removed at the same time. I looked around to find an explanation , and found that the owners PSN had done this, recently. Just what we need another sports channel, not. I like sports, but there are several Sports Stations on Dab+ already.

 I see there is a petition online too. I have put my name on it. 

Regards, Juz (a Koool fan)

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Im so sad to hear Koool has been replaced. I love this readio station. Specially the 80's music it played as it focused alot on the rare 80's songs that I love and grew up with. Sometimes I would hear a certain song and think Im so glad that there are still people out there that still remember this song - as I thought I was the only one that knew this song. KOOOL please come back!!!

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