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Triangle Speakers Owners & Discussion Thread

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I've had my Triangle EZ Australe speakers for 18 months now.  I believe my system has 'magic', it amazes me how good it all sounds.  I can actually put a price on such 'magic', since it has only materialised quite recently.  It represents a 5 year accumultion of changes/upgrades and expenditure of at least 8K on top of the speaker price (and that's not counting many components that I have previously cut adrift). 


I could guess that 'magic' might be had for much less money, its just that I couldnt manage to do it.  I have no idea whether my experience of 'magic' would translate to the ears of others, since I tried to respect all the hifi 'rules' but ended up breaking just as many as I followed. The particular rules that I broke in respect of my speaker set-up are all detailed in the first page of this thead, above.


Far from having what might be regarded (on this forum) as representing an 'end game' system, I merely consider that I've persevered long enough to reach 'Entry level magic'!


Still, that is quite good enough for me after years of solid tinkering and constant wondering if I could ever get a system sounding as nice as it now is.



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