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Speaker cables for tri-amping

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I bought the Cardas Clear light speaker cables from Scuzzi here on SNA and i am totally amazed with the improvements in my system.


I suspect my SAEC 6N cables got some oxydation after 20 years of good services.


I also own a pair of decent silver cables and my question is, when i will go tri-amping soon, how should i use these cables ?


My thoughts are the SAEC on the bass, the Cardas on the mid and the silvers on the high.


I am planning to cut the xover at 700Hz and 10 kHz, the mid being the most efficient component in my speakers, with a JBL horn at 117 db.


I suppose the best will be all Cardas but i am not sure i can afford 2 more.


Thank you

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I guess the question does not generate much enthusiasm...

Anyway, i got my active crossover today, plugged it as a two way for the moment, waiting for the silver speaker cables to arrive soon.

So i cut the oxydated ends of the SAEC copper and use it on the bass. The Cardas for the mid and high with the existing passive filter.

Bi-amping is already amazing and works ok that way. I ll put the silver on the tweeter and if too sharp i ll switch it with the copper.



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Are you tri-amping or tri-wiring? Sounds like the later.

If tri-wiring, I wouldn’t recommend introducing inferior cables into the mix.

I would have thought a single wiring job with the best cable you have would be a better option than more cables of inferior quality.

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Thanks for your reply, i am now fully tri-amping with an active xover. 3 similar SE class A tube amps.

I am still breaking-in one new silver cable and will use the cardas and the other silver cable. I think they are of similar quality.

And i ll try the few possible combinations

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Oh yes, a huge difference, i would recommend doing it every couple of years and not 20 as i did.

So nice to see shinny copper too.

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