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Grace cart retipping.....value service.

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Not a retipping service but another potential after market replacement stylus for Grace F9 carts. A discussion has been going on over on VinylEngine regarding the Technics EPC202 (also EPC 23, 24, 25) stylus fitting the F9 body perfectly with some modding and sounding very nice.....even the conical version. I would much prefer the elliptical version and this can also be bought quite cheaply.


About half way down the page linked below, the discussion starts with a post by 'dyolf'.


This quote (on the next page) by 'noisefreq' was the clincher: "I started out rightfully sceptical using it on my less than perfect records but I've slowly been dropping it on my favorites and I gotta say...damn, it sounds good. It's my new favorite." .....and he is using the conical.




As my funds won't cover an F9 retip atm, I am going to take a cheaper plunge and purchase an EPC202 elliptical. Will report back when it happens......

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Currently have a few MC carts with Joseph. Great guy with wealth of knowledge & excellent service.

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    • By peppy
      Item: Grace M900 DAC AMP
      Location: Sydney (Castle Hill or CBD)
      Price: $420
      Item Condition: Near New
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Comes with Tax invoice starting Jan-19, with a warranty for 5 years. 4 years of warranty remaining. Comes with USB cable and Power Cable as well.
      Plenty of good reviews online.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By MattyW
      Item: Grace F9 - Microridge tip, boron cantilever with tie wire - Stanley Engineering Cocobolo body + generic Technics headshell
      Location: Brisbane
      Price: $700 sent Express Post
      Item Condition: Outstanding
      Reason for selling: Saving for a new phono stage
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:
      This is my favorite MM cart that I had mounted on my second turntable. Unfortunately I never use this table though it sounds absolutely fantastic.
      The Grace F9 has been place in a Cocobolo wood Stanley Engineering body which helps cut down on body resonances and allows firmer affixing to the headshell. The stylus has been retipped by Needlestein (aka Josef Long) in the US with a boron cantilever with tie wire and microridge tip. This cartridge shares most of what I loved about the Supex SD900 Super (shibata retip) in terms of tone with superior detail and speed.
      A truly wonderful cartridge up with the best LOMC's I've run. The best sounding Grace F9 I've had the pleasure of owning.





    • By stevoz
      For years we (I) have been under the impression that the Andante 'E' cartridge is a derivative of the Grace F9, being Grace's attempt to enter the North American market under a different brand name.
      Here is a pic of the Andante 'E':

      It doesn't really resemble the F9 but I suppose it doesn't have to if the innards are the same.
      Now here is a pic of the Shelter 201 MM cartridge:

      Tell me these two carts are not identical......
      I am now confused. Some have said over the years that the Andante was made by Sumiko but they were just the Nth American distributor for this 'rebadged' F9>>Andante 'E'. Have Sumiko and Shelter or Grace and Shelter (I doubt it) ever had a relationship? Because that Shelter 201 body is identical to the Andante 'E'.....
      I know it is hard to find definitive info on Grace and even harder on Andante but there appears to be some connection between Grace/Andante and Shelter judging by that shared cartridge body design.  Adding to this confusion, Shelter started in 1986, a few years after the the Andante 'E' finished (and after the F9 was replaced by the F14) but before Grace finished up in the early 90's. Maybe it is just a shared body design that Shelter gained and used after the finish of the Andante 'E'. I know this is probably clutching at straws but can anyone enlighten me on this situation?
      I'm not holding my breath!😄
    • By MattyW
      Item: Grace F9 + SoundSmith Ruby Elliptical stylus + Grace headshell 
      Location: Brisbane 
      Price: $750 sent Express Post to anywhere in Australia 
      Item Condition: As new 
      Reason for selling: Not in use / surplus
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Bought a few years ago to try and never quite matched with my other gear. A very sought after cart and something of a bargain at this price seeing as the headshell alone sells for around $200.
      I've another F9 in a Stanley Engineering wood body with custom boron stylus and micro ridge tip I'll (probably) be hanging on to. These are amongst the best sounding carts ever made.
      Stylus would have 20 hours on it at most.





    • By ChilledStrings
      Item: Grace Designs M900 Dac/Amp
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: $475 or trade
      Item Condition: As New
      Reason for selling: wanting class A headamp
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
       As new condition, purchased 16-Jan-2019
      Love the DAC but think I prefer beefier class A sound for headphone use, so will entertain trades on Class A Headphone amp +/- $cash
      Will also consider trades for Dac only units +/- $cash.
      Original box and invoice will be included

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