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LG 86-inch UK65 4K Ultra HD LED LCD AI ThinQ Smart TV

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On 15/10/2018 at 6:15 PM, kukynas said:

as stated by @pc9 stay away from IPS panels, not sure how much you'd like to spend on your new TV but first consider how far you plan to sit from your TV as this should determine your optimum TV size, don't think bigger is automatically better, there's lots of compromise made to build such big screen, one of them is grey and black uniformity, second would be local dimming especially on edge led TV, I wouldn't go beyond 75" myself no matter what's the distance

if money allow I wouldn't go below Q6FN, next step up is X90F or Q7FN, next Q8FN and so on..., if not minimum would be NU8000 (X85F is below that), I never owned Panasonic TV so can't judge but they might have good VA panels as well...

If you have a chance go to store and check which OS works for you as there might be quite significant difference between brands...




To the best of my knowledge, all 2018 Panasonic LCD TVs have IPS panels. Good if you have wide viewing angles but hopeless dark scene/dark room performance. Panasonic and LG throw all their eggs into the OLED basket. LCDs are basically an afterthought to keep "skin in the budget/mid range TV market". 


In 2019 I hope Hisense and TCL get their act together and add some full array models to their edge lit VA panels. The TCL 6 Series 65" (which is not available in Aus) retails for about $1000 in the US. Not withstanding some quality control issues, it offers 120 local dimming zones, wide colour gammit, peak brightness and contrast comparable to the Q9 FN. 


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