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SOLD: FS: Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Pre-Fazor Headphones in as-new condition

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Item: Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones
Price: 900 850 800
Item Condition:As-new
Reason for selling:No longer using headphones for music reproduction
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:I am the original owner from new. Earphones, headband, earpads, original cable, carrying case/box all in pristine condition. The original leather earpads did show signs of wear so I have just replaced with new genuine Audeze ones. Said to require headphone amps with lots of grunt, but I've happily used these with a low watt Bottlehead Crack headphone amp at no more than 11-12 o'clock volume level. Note: These are a pre-Fazor version. Will ship at your expense to anywhere in Australia. Shipping weight 2.8kg. Dimensions 34cm x 27cm x 17.5cm.









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Price reduction to 800

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Dropped price to $800.


This is now 57% of new price and as per the photos, they are in first class, as new condition. Note that they are not the "C" model (as in LCD2C) which are a "cut down" version of the LCD2 and which retail for $999. If you are checking price and come across LCD2C's for $999, then check those same retailers and you will find they will also have listed the non-C versions like mine for around $1,400. 


They are also lightly used. I purchased due to me having the 'middle' townhouse in the block sharing a common lounge room wall on either side with both my neighbours. IE could not use my main speaker rig at anything above a "TV" volume without disturbing my neighbours. So headphones were the option. However, within a couple of years of purchase, first one and then the other neighbour both ended up in jobs requiring them to work weekends. Hence turning up the volume on my main system was no longer an issue. I don't think I've used the Audeze's more than an hour a month for the past 3 years since then. My listening preferences are jazz, blues, swing, and smatterings of classical and 70's/80's rock. They've never been pushed to high volumes. I'm a non-smoker and a bit of a clean freak with the whole house, and vehicle all regularly cleaned ... and that means all my HiFi kit is also kept in showroom condition. I was extremely p'd off when the LCD2 leather earpads deteriorated despite my bi-monthly schedule using the Audeze supplied leather conditioner! I use Mother's leather conditioner on both vehicle and leather lounge chairs, which show no cracks nor peeling after 18 years! Wish I'd used Mothers conditioner on the LCD2's! BTW, In order to list the LCD2's, I have replaced the leather earpads with proper Audeze ones. 

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Cannot believe this is still available. A LCD2C with cable was sold $780 recently and this is only $800. Truly a bargain. Wish I could afford it!

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