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Brisbane HiFi

FS: Sonus Faber Venere 1.5

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Item: Sonus Faber Venere 1.5
Location: Mansfield QLD
Price: $1399

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Extra Info:

In the Venere 1.5, Sonus Faber has produced a natural-, involving-, detailed-, and dynamic-sounding loudspeaker. See here for more information:

Pictures: Stock photos used; please contact us for more pictures, condition, and price negotiation



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      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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      For sale are these great sounding Western Electric 420a /JW 5755 NOS tubes which when coupled with an adaptor (included) function as a superior 12AX7 or a 12AT7.  
      They are much better in many ways than other 12AX7s I have tried, including: Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex and any Chinese tubes (Psvane etc).
      The most obvious improvements came in bass drive and resolution. Greater timbral information and texture is evident throughout the mids and bass.  Glorious textural information not experienced with any of the tubes mentioned above.  Dynamics are scary.  Clarity is excellent. 
      Designed for very low microphonics… 
      The WE 420a "features special cathode springs which reduce microphonic response. This characteristic is controlled by a "microphonic stability" test for balance in which the tube is tapped at shock levels of 400 - 600G."   Very fine wires (springs) just above the top mica can be seen in pics.
      The specs are a little different from a 12AX7 which has an amplification factor of 100, 12AT7 is 60, and the Western Electric 420a is 70.
      I have tried the Raytheon 5755 equivalent and as expected the Western Electric sounds better and is reliable (the Raytheon is not).  WE is the real deal!
      I guarantee these will be keepers irrespective of the tubes you are using.
      Happy to demo against Mullard and Psvane or your own tubes to serious buyers.

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      Purchased new end of July and used for no more than 100 hrs. Shelter recommend 100 hrs run in so its ready to go. 
      I can supply the original receipt to the new owner. Currently sell for approx $4500

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