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Gieseler Audio

New 3A multi voltage PSU

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I am very excited about this new PSU.

It is powered by a ruggard 12v 6A! potted EI core transformer.

By using dual parallel regulators it has enabled me to reduced output noise level down to around 12 uV RMS.

The regulators are state of the art Analog Devices with some amazing features.      

eg. Actual semiconductor die temperature monitoring & fully adjustable current limiting which I implement.

  The output is user adjustable via a rear panel voltage selector switch. It has short circuit & thermal over load protection.

But you ask - how does it sound?

Well I haven't quite had time for a good listen yet but with ultra low noise & very low output impedance  I'm betting it will be pretty good.




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Lid lifted.

It actually started out with just 7.5/9/12v but during development & testing I found I could get 15v but only at 1A 

I thought I may as well include the 15v as quite a bit gear will run under a 1A.

Unfortunately with the extra parts & expensive regs + tricky under board semiconductor mounting it does bump the price up a bit.


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Having successfully upgraded the PSU for the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo (Ultra) to 4A, thought it was worthwhile to explore upgrading an existing Gieseler 6/7.5/9 V 1.5A PSU with the new Kraftwerk 7.5/9/12v 3A PSU for use with an Uptone Iso Regen.


The Iso Regen can use either a 7.5V 2.9A wall wart or a 6 to 9 V PSU.  Wth the 3A PSU set at 7.5V, the Iso Regen improved clarity considerably . Details were clear and distinct, like a veil lifting.  Gjeilo's piano notes in North Country II were clearer, with a better trailing note. The finger snap in Diana Krall's My Love Is is more defined.  Sound stage improved slightly.  Not sure whether the higher current or the lower noise floor or both contributed to the improvement, but it was a significant jump.  To my surprise,  this improvement was better than moving from a 1.5A PSU to a 4A PSU for the Ultra.


A bonus was reduced heat on the Iso Regen, which is almost too hot to touch with the 1.5A PSU.  A small plus, but maybe significant for some, is the plugin transformer for the 1.5A has been replaced by a power plug, taking less space on a power board.

It was not planned, but a question came up on whether the 3A PSU could be used for the Ultra and whether the lower noise level in the 3A PSU would be beneficial.  The 4A PSU beat the 3A PSU, being able to resolve more detail.  Clearly, the Ultra benefits more from the additional current head room.  However. the 3A PSU is superior to the 1.5A PSU to drive the Ultra and is my suggestion for a 9V Ultra.  Note that I have not tested the 3A PSU with the standard SMS-200 but based on previous use, will likely improve with the higher current and/or running it at 12V.


In summary,  the Gieseler Kraftwerk 7.5/9/12V 3A PSU is highly recommend  for use with Iso Regen.  Recommended for SMS-200,  SMS-200 Ultra 9V.  


p/s Have NO ties with Giesler Audio, other than being a delighted customer of very good Aussie designed and made PSUs and DAC. As well, Clay Gieseler is nice to deal with and provides excellent customer service.   

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In case anyone is wondering why we called this new range of PSU's "Kraftwerk"

For old guys like me I immediately think of the band however the actual German meaning of Kraftwerk is "Power station" which works

out nicely for our German names theme.



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These look great

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thought Id sent PM

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