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RIP Rick E Vengeance

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Just heard the sad news this morning that Rick E Vengeance passed away on Friday.


Through live performances around Melbourne at The Green Man, One-C-One, The Troubadour, The Last Resort, etc, etc. and his long running programs on 3RRR, "Wack-foll-the-diddle" and "The Old Folk Show", Rick was a huge influence in my love and appreciation of folk music.


I first saw him at The Green Man in '78 or '79 and was amazed at his eclectic repertoire and passion for all forms of the genre.  Listened to his radio shows as often as I could and frequently set up a timer to record them on cassette if I couldn't listen live.  Found two tapes of his show that hadn't been recorded over just a couple of years ago when I digitised a lot of my tapes, so I'll reminisce with those this week.

He was always happy to chat after a gig or on the phone during his broadcasts.


In the mid 2000's, my kids primary school had a bush dance every year and yours truly would be more excited than the kids because the MC and dance caller would be none other than Rick.  He always brought the guitar along with him to bang out a couple of live tunes to kick off the night.


A talented, passionate and generous soul.  Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Oh, and when anyone talks about how long John Laws hosted his radio program for, tell 'em Rick E Vengeance beat the truckies mate by a country mile!






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Sad to hear. Listened to his show on radio quite regularly back around '80/81.

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