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Does a 4K projector need "pixel perfect" resolution if the source material is a 4K animation?

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1 minute ago, :) al said:

you shouldnt be ruling out movies just because 2k DI

I hear you but when the native 4K projector can itself upscale the  1080P bluray image to look subjectively better in many respects than the upscaled 4K disc,  there is little incentive to do so.  You do have the wider colour gamut and HDR but compared to the quantum leap in resolution that you can get with 4K DI,  I feel cheated with the upscaled discs.   

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those 2 links I provided were just examples, the reason I was asking for some specific site with listed info about 4K movies is to get full picture of the media used i.e. original format (35mm, 2.8K etc) but also HW used so not just if it's fake or real 4K, I thought I would be able to compile our own list next to the 4K titles thread where we could add additional info for those interested, going through each movie 1 by 1 through several clicks and copying info from several fields is no go for me :)

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3 hours ago, kukynas said:


those 2 links I provided were just examples, 


Ah, I see.   It would be useful to have the info on that thread. 

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On 21/09/2018 at 11:05 AM, :) al said:

also I have said it before. there is FAR FAR too much OBSESSION with this. 


people were using that stupid real or fake site and ruling out (because they did) what are ABSOLUTE and utter audio and visual treats on UHD just because it had a 2k DI. this is UTTER stupidity folks. check out something like the shallows uhd. it is tantamount to illustration where you shouldnt be ruling out movies just because 2k DI. animations and CGI thats used heavily these days is usually finished in 2k, yet there have been some absolute stunning examples you would miss out just going on this premise. talk about cutting nose off to spite face. 


I don't think so, it's about people trying to get to the bottom of this and finding out once and for all that what they're paying for is exactly what they're getting....4K as defined everywhere else in technologies like TVs and mobile phones.


Someone commented if anyone would buy a pixel-shifting 1080p projector right now, and the answer is clearly NO.  So if no one will buy such a projector then what makes the case for pixel-shifting 4K projectors any different? 


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On 19/09/2018 at 11:05 AM, MLXXX said:

I was very impressed by Planet Earth II, not least because of the HDR effect highlighting glistening water or sunlight filtering through a rainforest canopy. I made some comments last year:


David Attenborough and his photographic teams have led the way with photography of the natural world. For example I was very impressed with Sir David's 3D Blu-ray programs covering the Galapagos Islands:





You have to give it up to the BBC and filming technologies today, they do get very close to the action that makes viewing so enjoyable.  There are some highly impressive 4K and even 8K videos on youtube that I get a kick out of watching.



My own visual acuity is such that I find that a 3840x2160 pixel display leaves a little to be desired in terms of matching up to the detail I can see in real life. I'd probably prefer 8K for a feeling of looking through a window onto a real life scene.


Uncompromised "3840x2160" is easily far better than 1080p, but I agree that 8K is even better having seen Sharp's 8K TV in person.  Sometimes you will see details and highlights that most people don't even bother noticing in real life, that is the magic of technology and higher resolutions.

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