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Hitachi FT-5500 MKII Tuner User Manual?

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I have the Hitachi FT-5500 MKII, which I bought second hand. The sound is really good.


Does anyone, by any chance, have access to the user instruction manual for the unit? If so, would you be able to do me a great favour and email me a scanned copy e.g. as a PDF?


I would be so grateful if you could do this for me.


Thank you.




Douglas G A Murray    

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@eltech have the mark ll

Been told it’s a different design to the mark l.

my markll has been out of use for a month or so just back in today soooo sweet.

bit of s fiddle resetting stations as it’s a tight fit in my rack and needs a manual reset if it’s been off for more than 2 days. 

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On 14/09/2018 at 9:05 AM, Doug^3T1 said:

Thanks for the reply, eltech!


I had seen this link, but I think it led me to the service/repair manual and not the user manual.


Have a great weekend.


Regards, Doug

Hi Doug,


if you are still looking for the FT5500 user manual, I have one listed on eBay UK for a small cost. I could possibly email you a PDF copy.




Harold Wilkin at Gustav9

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if you search for a review there's a pdf file that will download from fmtunerinfo.com taken from Hifi Answers May 1985




Hitachi FT-5500 MKII (1984, $350, photo, different face, service manual, Hi-Fi News review, Hi-Fi Answers review, New Hi-Fi Sound review) search eBay
Somewhat scarce in the U.S., our panelist Ray's favorite is a solidly built, low-profile, black digital tuner with some unusual and nice features. In the mid-1980s, the FT-5500 MKII was highly regarded by the European audio press, but received little recognition in the U.S. Its front end consists of 5 varactors (equivalent to 5 gangs) for FM, in a sealed module that isn't represented in detail on the schematic, and 2 for AM. The FT-5500 MKII has a wide/narrow selector that changes the bandwidth for both FM and AM. The IF section in Wide mode has 2 ceramic filters around a group delay circuit and 2 gain stages. In Narrow mode, the group delay circuit is bypassed by 2 more ceramic filters, for a total of 4 filters in Narrow. The FT-5500 MKII's "FCCS" (Field Condition Computer System) appears to be similar to Onkyo's "APR" system. When the FCCS push-button is selected, the tuner auto-scans 2.5 MHz up and down the band from the tuned frequency to assess the potential interference and signal strength, and then selects the optimum RF and IF settings. These can be manually overridden, but the computer seems to always get it right. Stations' FCCS settings can also be stored in each of the 16 memory preset settings. One (not uncommon) shortcoming is that the muting switch and stereo/mono are on the same button, which prevents one from choosing to listen in stereo to stations with signal strength below the muting threshold. The digital signal-strength indicator has exceptional range, 10 to 80 dB microvolt, which equates to 21 to 91 dBf (add eleven to the display). The FT-5500 MKII also has an auto quieting control (a blend circuit) and recording calibration tone button. >

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