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Panasonic and Samsung deploy HDR10+ in 2018 tvs

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The Panasonic EX-780a model I bought last November is supposed to get the HDR-10+ firmware update as well.....if that still happens ???

I suppose your 4K disc player will need a update as well, or a new compatible one bought.


I was looking forward to HDR-10+ becoming a well taken up standard seeing it was license fee free, but LG has decided to not support it, saying it can do the same with similar processing in it's new TV's.....go figure.


HDR-10+ should make program material encoded with it look a lot better on a average screen, as it's basically a scene by scene adjustment of gamma and absolute brightness.....although in the wrong hands I could foresee some garish overdone material appearing.


Also, from what I've read, Streamed 4K material encoded with HDR-10+ will be a slightly different thing, and as such there might be problems with it being reproduced by some TV's....guess those that stream 4K material will be able to report back about this when it happens.

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