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SOLD: SOLD: Marantz DV6600 (SACD / DVD / CD player)

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Item: Marantz DV6600
Location: Inner West, Sydney
Price: SOLD (elsewhere)
Item Condition: Very Good
Reason for selling: NLR (upgrade to Oppo 105)
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, Paypal
Extra Info:

For sale is my Marantz DV6600 player (I bought it new in 2007). The player is in very good condition. It has only a couple of light scratches on the top plate (see photos). Mechanically, it works perfectly. Cosmetically, it is good. No original box/packaging, unfortunately.

The DV6600 plays SACD, DVD and CD. I have used it almost exclusively to play SACD and DVD. The player comes with a brand new remote control, purchased from a Marantz distributor in Melbourne ($80) only 3 months ago.

About the player, Marantz says:

"The Marantz DV6600 universal player is a perfect machine fitting to the requirements for an extended home entertainment enjoyment. High quality video is assured by a 216MHz/11-bit DAC and Faroudja video processing technology. Uncompromised high quality video is available via the digital video interface HDMI. Utilizing a video upconversion up to 1080i, via the available HDMI with PALProgressive Scan provides an unsurpassed picture quality for any HD compatible screen or projector.The DV6600 is compatible with the latest video and audio compression technologies, like DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG, offering hours of music, movie and picture enjoyment without changing the disc. Audio excellence is guaranteed with a 24-bit/192kHz converter, gold plated line outputs and numerous Marantz specific performance enhancements. Enjoy breathtaking video and high quality audio."


"Marantz' DV6600 (US$649) universal DVD player is engineered for the very best in both video and audio performance. Featuring a brand new sleekly designed chassis, the DV6600 boasts an HDMI interface, 3:2 pulldown, as well as two-channel and multi-channel DVD-Audio and SACD capability. Progressive scan component video output with and 54MHz 10-bit video D/A converters ensure optimum video images. For superb audio performance, the DV5600 includes 192kHz 24-bit audio D/A converters. Advanced RC-5 connections provide for integrated system control, and front-panel menu operation adds to the player's convenience and operational flexibility."

AVS Forum review:
"Since no one has posted a comprehensive review of this player (and having just purchased one) I thought I'd do the honours.

I've been looking recently for a mid-level DVD player, with HDMI output and video upsampling to maximise the potential of my Hitachi PJTX200 (HDPJ52) projector (yep christmas came early!). Also on the list of requirements were DVD-A and SACD playback capability. Players I considered were: Denon 1920 ('buggy' according to forum reports), Cambridge Audio DV89 (very good audio but lackluster video according to recent reviews/forum reports) and a demo model of the Pioneer 868 (too expensive even at demo prices). I finally settled on the Marantz DV6600.

The Marantz 6600 is, supposedly, a Denon 1920 clone but there is no lip-sync issue whatsoever. This is the case either using the analogue (SCART RGB/Composite/S-video) or digital (HDMI) video outputs, so there is at least one major difference compared to the Denon 1920. On to the specifics of the review:

Video quality - I've tested the Composite video, HDMI and SCART RGB video outputs and all are excellent and problem free. I've not tested the Component connection but the player does have Faroudja processing and that speaks for itself.

The reason for buying this player was, of course, its HDMI output and PQ does not disappoint. Razor sharp detail retrieval, great colour saturation, proper black levels (use 'normal' setting, the 'enhanced' setting is for PC sources) and problem free video upsampling all add up to an outstanding picture.

There are no video controls (brightness/contrast etc...) in the setup menu of the player, however the Hitachi projector allows change to video settings on its HDMI input. There is very little to tweak though as the picture from the Marantz player is outstanding.

PS According to other reports (and for those specifically interested in the video side of this player) the Marantz 6600 is superior to both the Denon 1920 and the Cambridge Audio DV89

Audio quality - Bitstream digital performance is excellent, due to the superb transport no doubt, and the player has a comprehensive suite of controls for both DVD-A and SACD: speaker size; speaker level and time delay on all channels.

Compared to my Toshiba SD900E (SD9200), the Marantz 'analog' performance is less holographic, soundstage is flatter and lacks the 'analog' warmth of the Toshiba player, this is the case for redbook CD and for DVD-A/SACD performance. The Marantz however has better channel separation and superb detail retrieval. Analog performance does further improve once the video section of the player is switched off and the player is 'run in'.

PS. According to other reports (and for those specifically interested in the analog audio side of this player) the Marantz 6600 is superior to the Denon 1920 but not as good as the Cambridge Audio DV89, Marantz should really bring out an OSE version of this player!

PPS. I have just installed a UPS to my system (to take care of a problem I was having with the amplifier/subwoofer, long story...) and its effect on the sound of my whole system has meant that I've had to revise my opinion of the analog outputs of the Marantz player. They are in fact very, very good and on par, if not better, than my Toshiba 900E (SD9200). I won't revise my previous comments however as they were my first impressions of the player and they'll serve as a good guide for anyone in a similar situation to mine i.e. power supply problems.

Build is good at this price point. It is a lightweight player but connections at the back are nicely spaced and are very comprehensive. I've got the player connected via its digital coaxial, 5.1 analog, SCART RGB, Component and HDMI connections and there's plenty of room for each! This also accounts for the slightly wider aspect of the player

Player response is outstanding with no sluggishness or slowness at all in either reading discs, accessing menus, identifying discs or playing DVD-A SACD discs. Drive is basically silent in operation and combined with outstanding error correction (as good as my Toshiba player) all points to an excellent drive and debugged fimware/software. Full marks to Marantz Engineers

Conclusion - the combination of excellent firmware/software (great response time, no bugs etc...), great video performance, great audio for both analog/digital and excellent transport make this player IMHO an outstanding buy."










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