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August Monthly Meeting

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The next GTG at Dave C’s on Saturday 25th August 2018 at Redbank Plains.

We will provide a BBQ lunch - sausages, rissoles, onions, some salads – please advise any dietary needs, cheescake 😊. Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles welcome.

Equipment: Dave’s equipment list below;


Linn LP12 Transcription
Linn Ittok 2 Tone arm
Benz Micro Glider Low Output moving coil cartridge
Dennon Av-230 passive step up transformer

Technics SL1300MK2
Technics 2050 moving magnet cartridge
Yaqin 23B valve step up - ADDS R.I.A.A. curve

CD Player Denon-DCD-1520

Pre Amp 1 Trevor Lees Valve - positive vibrations
Pre Amp 2 Pioneer Spec 1

Amp 1 - Pair Mono bloc Audio Lab Quad EL34 (Modified by Chris P) 90 Watts
Amp 2 - NIVS VA3 Valve 6L6s in Push Pull 22 Watts

Speakers 1 - Wharfdale E90s
Speakers 2 - QWs Transmission line

Interconnects: Various Monster
Speaker Cable: Supra 8 & 4
Power Cables: Denalis 6.0 ; 4.0 ; 2.5s

Everyone Welcome to bring along CDs and Vinyl
A Display of Edison Cylinder Records and first versions of Edison 78s and other types of 78s and various things to play them on


Any SNA members who wish to attend should PM me.

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