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betty boop

2019 projector releases ?

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On 01/07/2019 at 1:40 PM, oztheatre said:

Owen, as you've said many times on here, you basically need to double the native contrast numbers to see any visible difference on screen. The N series have taken perhaps a quarter of a hit in contrast to the previous X series machines, so is it even visible? Whatever the reduction is, it's not half is it? They're still great. Always been the best at black level.. so there isn't much choice left if black level is your main concern.


Arrow AV in the UK did a screen shot of interstellar from the new christie machine with 22 million to 1 native, supposedly, and did the mouse roll over thing against the JVC X9500 that Javs has, and I'd be buggered if I could see any major difference. I suspect the PC monitor is probably not helping but you'd think the difference was night and day (22 million vs 80K is 275,000% increase). You'd love that new christie but at 500K USD it's too much for us convicts.

Yeah those shots are hard, I had trouble photographing it fairly to show how low the BenQ contrast was to my JVC, the problem with those photographs is the camera only has so much dynamic range, so when  you capture the black floor its so close to the real black floor of the camera, then comparing something with worse contrast looks heaps worse. I could not photograph the dynamic 400k:1 contrast on my JVC vs the BenQ. If I did it fairly, which is to say I DON'T clip the black in the camera, it looks like this!







BenQ Dynamic



BenQ Native.



If I dont use Dynamic on the JVC, then the comparison looks more fair... Because then the difference is only 10x not 100x. LOL but that's handicapping the JVC twice, once, not using Dynamic Iris, and two, using an ND Filter to lower the black floor of the BenQ by HALF.








I think its safe to say Arrows images cant begin to capture what that Christie is doing, if you note when he posted that, I cam back asking why the RGB values in his photos equalled 0/0/0 on the black areas, that means he was actually clipping the black floor when he took the photo. I could do that to the BenQ and make it look the same. Thats why only comparative photos taken at the same time, same camera, same settings are the only way to show a comparative difference.

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some interesting comparitive notes 3D on 2019 projectors ... from the 3D king zombie over on avs....


:"The new JVC's have same ghosting performance as the e-shift models which is excellent for a non-DLP projector (DLP's with active shutter glasses are flawless for x-talk). The caveat with the JVC's (native + e-shift) is that the 3D is 96hz or 48hz per eye. below the typical 60hz per eye threshold for not seeing slight flicker. 

On the flip side - the Epson LCD's can have some noticeable ghosting depending on the title but they run at 120hz or 60hz per eye for a more calm appearing 3D image.

personally i'm more affected by crosstalk than the slight refresh flicker and prefer the JVC's for 3D vs the Epson.

If you like 3D in the cinema, either of these HT projector choices will be a better experience than the typical Real 3D theater viewing. Circular polarized 3D glasses can induce ghosting at the slightest head tilt and the contrast on those 3D projectors is terrible. Our viewing of Avengers End game was ruined by a Real 3D projector. Any non-bright scene had a low contrast grey haze over the entire image. Infinity War 3D BD looks amazing on the JVC and looking forward to End Game to be released later in the summer in 3D Bluray."

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Hopefully some interesting releases at IFA 2019, possibly referring to more than just the EF-100.


Translation from 



Epson projection:

At the IFA, Epson will present a new laser projector for the demanding home theater, demonstrating in an impressive presentation the quality of a high-quality 3LCD panel with a long-lasting laser light source.

Epson also impressively demonstrates the versatility of the recently introduced EF-100W / B laser projector, which demonstrates its high-quality projection in different orientations (vertically down, horizontally, vertically upwards). The devices were designed as the first portable laser projectors for private users and are intuitive and easy to use. The EF-100W / B are currently the smallest 3LCD laser projectors on the market. So they measure at the longest point of the housing only 23 cm. The proven projectors of the EH-TW series for cinema and other applications will also be on display at the Epson booth either in a live presentation or a presentation.

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seems like there is something coming




visitors to the Epson booth will once again be able to benefit from a large number of innovations. In addition to the compact and elegant laser projectors of the EF-100 series, a new series of projectors with laser light source for use in demanding projection environments will also be presented at IFA 2019. A selection of proven Epson projection solutions for home theater and the game will be available on the Epson booth to demonstrate their qualities.


The big question will be whether Epson do a laser version of the fauxK TW9400 or bring in a native 4K model?


Hopefully it has more lumens than the LS10500 did



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On 23/08/2019 at 1:34 PM, Mozitron said:

The Epson LS10500 has now been relegated to the back catalogue on the Epson Australia site



It sold poorly, why the epson rep told me they have no interest in a new native 4k machine and go with what sells instead. I hope he's wrong though. A native 4K laser with decent brightness and black levels would be a welcome competitor at the right price.

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