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Recent close calls !!!!!!!

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3 hours ago, Nigel said:

I was almost killed a few weeks ago in a scenario that I had not considered previously.

On busy Pennant Hills Rd Sydney, 3 lanes, trucks etc...I rode my motorbike between the cars up to the front to await the green light.

Having done this many times, I wasn't thinking anything of it. The lights changed, I took off with enough power to clear the cars and the intersection. As I hit the other side of the intersection, the car on my right came passed me, full noise and literally 6" from my leg and fast.  Luckily I was still pointing down the lane lines, but SO EASILY could have assumed the right lane and there is no way he would have been able to avoid slamming into the back of me and then stop before running over me. I had never met a young traffic light warrior in a hotted up Liberty in peak hour traffic. Pointless and stupid. Witnesses would have undoubtedly said he drove like a maniac, but technically or legally, I don't know if he was in the wrong. The only law I know about lane splitting (or is it filtering?) is that the traffic must be <30kph, which it was. Since 3 vehicles into 2 lanes doesn't fit when the lights change to green, what is the law ?

 I learned a valuable lesson, in future I will get away quicker or stay clear of young heroes.

best bet ask a Coppa about this one, then let us know too

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5 hours ago, Nigel said:

is that the traffic must be <30kph, which it was.

That is correct as far as I'm aware.


Not sure if I am correct but this law might have been put in place when near all motorcycles had the power/acceleration to advance in front of the cars? Just that I see people on those low powered scooters doing this and they impede other traffic as they just don't have the power to do this safely.


In your situation it sounds like the Liberty driver was trying to race you, and that is irresponsible on that drivers part.


Not sure where the give way aspect applies in this situation, but common sense should prevail....pity many drivers lack common sense.

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Exactly Mu'on, my bike has much more power than I used, usually I take off at say 50% and job is done - I am on a piece of open road until the traffic ahead. Yes he wanted to race, I was in "commute mode" and had no idea what he was thinking. No indication - very family looking car.  Next time I see Hway Patrol, I'll pull over and ask him/her.


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