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EV Cali

Pioneer SX-10AE Good sound from a $284, Integrated amp ?

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Good sound from a $284, new, Integrated amp ?


I have always gone the Vintage road with my gear , seldom buying new.

Unfortunately I recently had a accident with my DENON PMA-700V  Integrated amp and it now has distortion on one channel. 

So I though I would see what was around new and after reading a good review of the Pioneer SX-10AE  I purchased one.



The amp had to take a CD player and DAB Radio. No need for phono as I use an external one.

Free post took a couple of days and I am happy to report I really like the sound, it is clear and full with good separation .

I only use it in the Direct mode. Mainly used to play vinyl but it sounds ok with the CD and DAB.

You can pair it with Bluetooth  and as may be expected, paired with my phone it is pretty average.

With out even having to add, for the money, I am quite happy with the amp.


Admittedly RRP was  $599 when first released but I would say it is possible to pay $284 ,including post and get a amp with good sound. 




My equipment used is 

Rega Planner 2 

AT 440MLb cart

Lustre GST-1 Sound Tracer arm

Night Hawk F117 Phono

Kef 104/2 speakers

Yamaha  YST- SW20S Sub







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Now only $239.20 using 20% off PARENT Code                               Still loving mine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     




Item price: AU $299.00
  -AU $59.80
Your price: AU $239.20
Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your coupon expires 30/08/18. Terms and conditions
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I bought one of these a few weeks back to go into the wife's kitchen system.  Before that I had a Sherwood receiver which was veiled to say the least. 


  The Pioneer has excellent sound belying it's low price.  It has a clear crisp sound.

  I also used it for my daughters birthday party on the weekend and the blue tooth connected to the phone easily and it played loud with no issues for 4 hours.


  Highly recommended 

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Thanks I will check it out! I  also looking at an Yamaha A-s301 or NAD 316 BEE,



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Nice rack!! I only wish more audiophiles had the self confidence and gumption to list good value equipment.... it would be far more interesting.. especially for value seekers and younger listeners on this wonderful forum. I really dig the record cleaner you built a while and it could easily sell for $1000 with some fancy marketing... and be worth it!!  


Any other forum members with some budget tips??

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I've got a set of diy ZRT (Scanspeak Revelator) 2 way floorstanders that I am currently powering from a Topping 50W tripath amp. 


I want something with a bit more go and are considering this or the Harman Kardon HK3700.  Any thoughts about what may be best? 

I'm not really phased about the bluetooth as I'd have a streamer plugged into it anyway. 

Is there any other value integrateds I should consider? 

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