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Oppo 203 HDMI I2s

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A few people have PM me as to how I use Oppo as a streamer.

First I was using a Qnap nas with Minimsrever , Bubbleupnp server ,

Ipad with Linn Kazoo.

Kazzo looks for Rooms "openhome" servers so bubbleupnp will find

Upnp Oppo when selected you can select to make it Openhome so Kazoo can find


Kazoo can play Tidal .

I found Qnap and bubbleupnp very flaky, so I have an Intel Nuc Win 10 with Minimsrever , Bubbleupnp server

installed work like a dream no more problems. Hookup  Nuc Wifi cat6 to Oppo or Wifi will do.

The Intel Nuc was chosen as it has a 12v dc supply so linear power supply can be used an no internal PS.

Nuc I use is an I5 4 Gen 4Gb ram 120 Gb msolt and 2.5 3Tb. NO usb as this will degrade sound. My option only many might think differently.

@ghost4man is using same setup as me his Nuc is a Celeron 7Gen 1 min to boot  thats all other wise no difference to my I5.

Nuc can boot with Minimsrever , Bubbleupnp server if these are added to start menu. Just hit power button no monitor required to start streaming.

You can use Roon but have not tried it.

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