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Speakers for vintage amp on a budget?

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Hey all,


After the death of my previous amp I have recently purchased a JVC VN300 amp to play my ancient SL1210 turntable through. It’s currently powering some Gale Gold Monitors which sound pretty good (way better than playing MP3s through my Topping VX1).


I plan to put the Topping Amp and Gale speakers to use elsewhere and need to get some speakers for use with the JVC amp. I’m not looking for audiophile quality here - just something that is durable,  will sound decent and is well under $500 - new or secondhand. 


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively I could keep the Gale Monitors and get something more suited to the Topping amp which I plan to use with Spotify (or maybe start again?). 







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41 minutes ago, misternavi said:


There is a pair of Proac Clones in the classified for $400 that would be pretty good 


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Thanks 👍Probably should have added I’m in Sydney so local options gonna be a lot easier. Is there a type of speaker or spec I should avoid?

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What type of music you listen to mainly?


what do you care most about sound?

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    • By Eagleeyes
      tem: A few AV products from Denon, Yamaha, Kenwood from Receivers and some Axix and Bonbonus small bookshelf or rear speakers etc
      Location: PERTH
      Price: As below
      Item Condition: various but mostly good pm for me info
      Reason for selling: Older gear needs a new home , has not been used in years. Some with very little use.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: See Below. Pictures below should make sense.
      Samsung Blue ray player with remote BDP1400 -$120- now $100
      DENON Blueray Disc Transport DVD 2500BT with remote  high end when released needs DAC as HDMI out only. Higher end Blueray transport $400 now $250
      Kenwood Audio video stereo receiver KR-v6050.  $100 great entry amp/ receiver for someone.
      Axis Ls28 bookshelf speakers black great sound and perfect sonically , scratched boxes. $200 awesome for rears on SS set up.
      Xavian Bonbonus book shelf speakers in light ash wood great actually very good condition $350 same as above for as rears or smaller 
      Yamaha rxv3800  with remote Receiver 2nd highest in range i think was $4000 or more new. Very nice sound from Yamaha. Winner of top sounding receiver.
      Bargain ONLY $500 due to HDMI issues and 3 work at least so who needs more than that otherwise would be listed at $1200 
      Hdmi board, 2-3 inputs work , 1-2 don’t for some reason and all other inputs work perfectly goes very well with Denon transport above.
      When dealing with an AVR in this price class, you go in with very high expectations. The Yamaha RX-V3800 has the specs to please most any enthusiast with excellent power, ample HDMI inputs, and internal decoding of the new HD audio codecs. The only personal letdown for me was the AVR's inability to process certain video signals to 1080p; instead it simply passes them through. Even with this shortcoming, this is an excellent product and is worthy of your consideration when looking for an AVR in this price class.
      Four HDMI Inputs
      Onboard Decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, & DTS-HD Master Audio
      Clean and Dynamic sound from all channels
      Video section only upconverts analog signals
      YPAO setup set monitor speakers to "Large" when they should be set to "Small"

      Read more at https://www.soundandvision.com/content/yamaha-rx-v3800-av-receiver-page-3#J6zIyjGDCUEpSVmh.99
      7.1-channel surround sound receiver
      140-watts minimum continuous power per channel, 8 ohm loads, two channels driven from 20Hz-20kHz with a maximum total harmonic distortion of 0.04% 
      Analog audio input sensitivity and impedance: 200mV, 47kohms (line), 3.5mV, 47kohms (phono MM)
      Analog output level/impedance: 200mV/900 ohms (REC Out)
      Speaker impedance: 6 ohms-16 ohms
      Analog audio inputs: Ten L/R (line), L/R phono (MM), 5.1-channel analog
      Digital audio inputs: Three coaxial, four TosLink optical
      Analog audio outputs: Four L/R (2xL/R record, L/R Zone1, L/R Zone2, L/R Zone 3), one 7.1-channel preamp out, headphones, Eleven pair speaker terminals
      Digital output: One TosLink optical
      Video inputs: Seven composite or S-video, three component, four HDMI
      Video outputs: Two composite or S-video, one composite-only zone 2, one component, one HDMI
      Other: Setup microphone, two 12V trigger, RS 232, IR in/out, IEC power connection, antenna (AM/FM/ XM), iPod Dock input
      Dimensions: 17-1/8" x 6-3/4" x 17-1/4" (W x H x D)
      Weight: 38.4 lbs



    • By Stephen0804
      Item: VAF Signature i33’s (Black Oak) 
      Location: Aberfoyle Park, SA
      Price: $2,500 Including shipping
                  $2,000 Pickup
      Item Condition: Has a few scratches on top surface due to stupid cats and a mark on the front of one of the cloth speaker covers/grills, both of which are visible in the pics. Apart from that they are in great condition with no mechanical issues.
      Reason for selling: Have decided to upgrade and will no longer need them.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: These speakers are very good value for their price and retail for $5,790. The pair I’m selling will be 4 years old in January 2020, also I will be able to demo if needed as they will remain connected until sold.
      Technical Specifications:
      Frequency Range 32Hz ~ 22kHz
      Frequency Response 37Hz ~ 19kHz (±2dB)
      Phase Response ±15° (100Hz ~ 20kHz)
      Impedance 6 ohms (nominal)
      Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V / 1m)
      Amplifier Power up to 200W
      Dimensions 245mm (W) × 1095mm (H) × 287mm (D)
      Weight 31kg (Gross) Per speaker




    • By drainer2011
      Item: Dynaudio Focus 200XDs + Connect box and Iso pucks x8
      Location: Melbourne 
      Price: $4999
      Item Condition: Used. Near brand new no marks at all.
      Reason for selling: Have a new born and have moved in with the in-laws, haven’t been using them. Will be upgrading to larger setup in a year or so.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:In perfect condition. Connect box and iso pucks included in price. Price negotiable within reason.
      RRP when purchased in 2017 was
      Dynaudio Focus 200XDs- $7499
      Connect Box- $699
      Iso Pucks x 8 -$320
      Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
    • By grorr76
      Item: Various lps
      Location: melbourne
      Price:  as listed see listing
      Item Condition: see listing
      Reason for selling: downsizing collection
      Payment Method: PayPal only
                                           NO PICKS UPS Shipping $15 australia wide per order

      Extra Info:
      MOFI Bill Evans one step pressing portrait of jazz 2 LP box set $199 (sold)
      Melody Gardot 3lp Live in Europe, played once $99 SOLD
      London Grammar truth is a wonderfull thing ltd 2lp pressing $50 SOLD
      Paul McCartney Egypt Station Spotify green vinyl (played one) 2lp $70
      Norah jones begin again single lp $30
      Think by Lonnie smith Blue note 80th anniversary edition all aaa mastered by Kevin grey (unplayed unopened) $30.  sold 
      Doin allright Blue note 80th anniversary edition all aaa mastered by Kevin grey (unplayed unopened) $30 Sold
      Nina Simone  little girl blue 2lp analogue productions $50.   (sold)
      Horace Silver Horacescope 2nd pressing 1966 Blue note in immaculate condition complete with original inner bag. The cover to is in amazing condition extremely rare $200
      Bill Evans Evans in England 2lp record store day release $60.  (SOLD)
      Hank Mobley Hank mobley quartet Music Matters SRX vinyl release rare and out of print $80 cover and record mint SOLD 
      Anne Bisson Trip 4 seasons in jazz direct to disk complete with book 2lps very deluxe $120
      Anne Bisson Blue mind 2lp $60
      Couple more Not Pictured
      Kenny Durham Afro Cuban Blue note Music matter reissue $80. SOLD
      Kamasi Washington heaven and earth 4lp $60
      Kamasi Washington the epic $60
      Wayne shorter blue note EMA multi lp cd box set complete with graphic novel book $100 (SOLD)
      any questions pm me
      bare with me when sending questions I will get back to everyone who contacts me.




    • By BuzzzFuzzz
      Hey Guys.
      I'm interested in which records you listen to with the most regularity, especially all you well known members, but encouraging newcomers who may become well known in time
      Even as I post regularly, I don't post everything I listen to and over time our more often played choices may not be apparent.
      Feel free to elaborate on your choices to your hearts content, we all have a story when it comes to our favourite records and bands.  Some of you know I like to ramble on a bit sometimes.
      Keeping it exclusively vinyl with different threads for other formats.
      Maybe two lists each with three albums...  1.  Top 3 giving you the most delight at present.
                                                                                      2.  Top 3 on highest rotation in collection.
      I've been buying some new vinyl recently.  When I was young all records sounded bloody unreal.  We had a nice Pioneer stereo and it rocked.  When my brother and I moved into a flat, he had a very nice system too.
      After joining this forum around 3 years ago, my ears have certainly become a lot more critical and quite a few of my records sound pretty ordinary, compared with others that are commonly accepted as great sounding records i.e. Roxy Music's 'Avalon'.
      I now have some awesome sounding vinyl, but I'm looking for better versions of some of my favourite albums.  The prime example is Black Sabbath's 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'.  I have had two, second hand, Aust. pressings that were in fair condition, and currently the Earmark reissue which is just woeful.  One of my top three albums and I don't listen to vinyl - shame on me!  I'm on the hunt for the Rhino Records reissue.
      Right now I listen to great sounding records.  My top 3 spinners right now are -
      1.  Muse  'Origin of Symmetry' 
          The only Muse album I have on vinyl, picked up at JB HiFi soon after release.
          I have most of their CD's and a couple of DVD's, saw them at Riverstage in Brisbane around 2009(?)
          Great sounding record and Muse in strong form.
      2.  The Angels  'Two Minute Warning'
           I've only had this about two weeks but it's been getting a workout.  The sound is as I remember from an old friend's copy - excellent.
           The band I have seen the most in my life.  This album was released as I was finishing year 12 and beginning to go to licenced gigs.
           Live music and Aussie pub rock were in fine form.  I've always been happy with the CD, but recently added to my essential vinyl supply.
      3.  Alkaloid  'Liquid Anatomy' 
           Progressive, Technical Death Metal from Germany.
           You'll see from my next top 3 list that Metal is normally my thing.
           My first gig was Maiden's 'The Beast on the Road'.  I listen to many styles of music but I always return to Metal.
           Very impressed with the all round quality of this release.
      My Top 3 records ever in rotation are...
      1.  KISS  'Dynasty'    
           The first record I ever bought myself.  I have a lovely U.S. promo copy that sounds awesome.  My original Aussie copy was played to death. 
           It's No.1 on the list because it was the first.  I've never really liked 'I was Made for Lovin' You' & 'Sure Know Something', but the rest of the album rocks.
           For me it is the sound of New York from that time, I have strong, positive emotional connections to the record itself and the music. 
      2.  Black Sabbath  'Mob Rules'     
           When I first got back into records around three years ago, this was the first album I replaced, with a second NM Aussie pressing.
           I was in year 8 when this was released, it copped a flogging on our stereo and I especially liked it through the headphones.
           Another record that transports me back every time it spins.
           It's always a toss up between this and 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', and as I don't currently listen to that on vinyl it can't be listed.
      3.  Led Zeppelin  'IV'
           I have had three Aussie pressings and the Jimmy Page remaster.  
           Have always loved this classic record and it transports me to a magical, medieval world.
      There are no rules - Enjoy -
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