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Greetings! Arrjo here, based out of the Macedon Ranges (about an hour north of Melbourne) 🙂


Just bought my first home and have decided to get a bit more involved with my home entertainment setup and this seemed like a good place to start!


My current kit:

  • AV Receiver: Yamaha RX-V1071 (LINK)
  • Speakers (In use):
    • Paradigm Monitor 11 v6 (LINK)
    • Paradigm CC-390 Center (LINK)
    • Paradigm DSP-3400 v1 Sub (LINK)
  • Speakers (Awaiting Love, Attention, and Installation):
    • Paradigm Atom v7 Bookshelf (LINK)
    • Paradigm ADP-390 v5 (LINK)
    • Paradigm Micro v2 (LINK)
  • Screen:
    • Samsung PS50A650 50" Plasma (LINK)



  • AV Receiver:
    • TBC - Something that will drive my new HT setup
  • Screen:
    • Some awesome projector to fit on my very large wall (Up to 180")
  • Speakers:
    • Using the above speakers as well as some new floorstanders.
    • Atmos/DTS-X somewhere down the line as well because.. why not!


Look forward to sussing it all out with everyone here! 🙂



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Greetings lots of ppl in the AV pages will love to assist 

repost this there

only a few die hard s / ex library monitor sucks visit NMI regularly

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