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5.2 to 7.2 advice re speaker type

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I'm aiming to expand my current HT from 5.2 to 7.2 and giving consideration to the speakers I will add.


First question to ask though - is the change from 5 to 7 notable and clearly 'better'?


Second.... advice on what I have and it's layout as well as options for the change to 7.2? 


I'm not planning to cut holes or mount speakers in the ceiling as I don't anticipate being here for years and it's a timber ceiling so not so easy to repair later as gyprock :) .


Current Gear:

Marantz 8801 pre

Elektra Theatron 7ch amp

MK Sound MP150 LCR (front stage) 150 Series MK2 on website but esseintially what mine are

MK Sound S150-T Tripoles x2 as current surrounds

SVS PC12 sub

SVS SB13 (might be 15 :P … can't recall).



Open plan townhouse lower floor - lounge, dining, kitchen, with stairwell to second floor. I attached a rough diagram. Kitchen wall has a door near stairs and breakfast bar/window facing the couch.

Seating is a 2.5 recliner. Current Tripole Surrounds are mounted up high near the ceiling next to/just behind the couch and angled down toward the listening positions. Rear wall behind the couch would be about 2.5m I guess.


Screen is 2.35m x 1m, AT with LCR's mounted behind and 25mm of acoustic foam filling around them. One absorber is on the wall under a surround to reduce reflections and a very thick rug under the screen. Other than that it's timber ceilings and tile floors so quite a live environment. LCRs (MP-150) are angled by design and height was determined to aim them on axis at ear level - can see this in the second image showing the cabinet I built. The large cabinet below the screen surround I built for my TV which moves up/down as needed. 


Behind the couch is a glass Dining table, and a cabinet 2m high with glass doors (sideboard with glass doors on hutch). I had planned to place the 2 new surrounds on here.



I don't feel thrilled by the idea of another $2500 odd on 2 more MK tripoles at this stage and with the distance  figured 2 monopoles would be more useful and not dominating. Thoughts? 


Potato drawing of my HT.jpg

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looks fine to me in proposed arrangement ... and just monopoles on the rears is just fine


yes definitely go with the rears. 7 channels on the bed are well worth it... and will add well for atmos as well filling in the rear :)

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Posted (edited)

I'm not sure what brands will make a good tonal match for the MK speakers or how important that is in achieving a good surround sound field. My local dealer is investigating some of the monopole MK offerings for me. Longer term I see myself in another home with a dedicated room again. I'll leave attempts at perfection until then.... for now I just want something more enveloping than what I have.


Ironically it was playing the dolby surround demo videos on my PC that got me looking to make these changes in my HT setup. It's possible the "cheap" Denon AVR I'm using for audio on my PC is actually more featured and better than my AV8801 :P. 


YOu can see what I've done with that here: my personal blog page with stuff I've reviewed over time, artwork etc

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I know this is opening a can of worms but any comments on sub placement in such an environment? I was looking for the old tables I used to use for a rectangular room working off wavelength and breakdown of wall distances etc (eg corner loading distance and shifting 1/16th of wall to stop standing waves). I know Audyssey will assist but I'd like to use an online calc if there is one for multiple subs.


As for rears... so far I'm thinking of the MK 700 series LCR (if I can get a pair on sale), or I could cheap out and use something like the Q Acoustics speakers I have already but perhaps a model higher - the 3020i by example. They are quite neutral.


Unless I partially block one of my glass bifold doors I cant lower my side tripoles to within the 70-90cm range above ear height. Any real consensus on having speakers up near the ceiling (even if angled down somewhat)?  

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speaker up near ceiling dont matter as long as not going 3D audio.


the sub in the drawing looks like in no mans land ... with an odd shaped room like that a case of trial and error might be best. doubt be any online calucalotr that will help in anyways with this.

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Yeah, I was looking at it more as a large rectangle given the open plan and the internal walls won't reflect much bass energy. It would be rough at best. 


As long as I don't have a serious suck out or additive mode at my listening spot I think having 2 subs will ensure I am getting a good response.


The 8802 eq's each sub individually so that will help as well.


I found out I have a PC-12 and SB-13 Ultra. Had to do a bit of hunting around as I couldn't recall the names and was in hospital at the time.


I am toying with the idea of removing the tripoles (sell them) and replace them with 4 direct radiating monopoles  - 2 direct to the side of seating and 2 spaced on the rear wall.


Looking at my seating position the current surrounds are about a  1/2 m behind the seating on the side wall - not directly next to the seating.

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A quick update to close things out for those that were able to offer advice :).


I moved my couch forward a bit more and back into the sweet spot for the front stage; the surround tripoles are now about a metre behind the couch. I think over time the couch has just been shifted back and this made a pronounced difference in the sound field being created.


Listening to a bunch of the dolby surround demos I was quite pleased with the rear placement and movement. I think I will be fine with no rear surrounds and will postpone the 7.2 setup.

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