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Trim level on a HT sub??

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Hi guys.


Iv been playing with my audessy and i came to some information that the trim level should be close as possible to 0db after audessy is done is that correct? 


When you run audessy it tells you to run 75db which i do, but after audessy i find the bass really weak (-8) as im running dual pb2000.


But last night doing audessy again i didnt follow the 75db mark instead i done about 72db but when audessy finished the sub trim was at 0.  After this adjustment the bass is more fuller and hits harder. Is this correct?. 


I also read that you should try and get -9db or -11 when audessy finishes than adjust the av sub trim to 0db. 


Which way should i do it?

Run audessy and get a trim at -8db than change the the trim to 0db on the avr.


Or re run audessy again do the 72db and when finished have the trim at 0db.. with this setup i dont have to touch the trim because audessy has set it to 0db.


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What audessy may be doing is levelling every channel to be 75dB and EQ to smoothen.
However, if you are setting a pink noise tone of reference to that level, individually the sub should be at 85dB at the same volume.

Where I think Audessy struggles is when speakers are set to small (which 90% of most users it should be) of course the receiver crossover is passing the LFE on to the sub, and while it's meant to be run 10dB 'hotter' than the mains it is still trying to make the left or right channel, as a full range sound, flat.
So just bump it up in gain after but do make sure there are not heavy sub EQs otherwise your sub may lack its character and punch

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