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SOLD: FS: Pass Labs X3 (3 Channels 150W amplifier)

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Item: Pass Labs X3 amplifier
Location: Vic
Price: $2800 plus shipping, paypal costs
Item Condition: Excellent 8/10
Reason for selling: Too many amps
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


I bought this from the US and had it converted and checked out by Dallas Clarke.  Dallas pronounced it in excellent condition after cleaning out the dust and tightening a few fittings (the interior looked like it has not been opened at all).  This is a 3 channel version of Pass Labs X150 - the first of Pass' supersymmetry amps.  I also have two other Pass amps - an Aleph 3 amp and an XA30.8 - both Class A amps.  The X3 is technically a Class A/B but it starts in Class A at low power (15W) before switching to class A/B.  Maximum power output is 150W x 3 into 8 ohms.  


The X3 is surprisingly good sounding compared to the Aleph and XA30.8.  It is more neutral but retain that sweet mid range with an intoxicating holographic soundstage ("the Pass sound").  I have intended to use the X3 as a home theatre setup with a centre speakers and later add another Pass AB stereo amp to make up a 5.1 setup, with the option to switch to a 2 channel for music.  However the X3 is a bit too big for my lounge cabinet and I have just been using it as a 2 channel amp for music which I enjoyed.  Note that the two front metal flanges have been removed by the previous owner - they are cosmetic and does not affect the amp.  I was going to wrote to Pass Labs to see if they have replacement parts.



Power output: 150 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 150W (3 channel)

Frequency response: 0Hz to 100kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 1%

Damping factor: 200

Gain: 30 dB

Dimensions: 19 x 20 x 6.5 inches

Weight: 85lbs

 Happy to demo for series buyer.  I don't have the original box but will pack well for shipping if required.  Donation will be made if this sells.






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I wish this had been a four channel amp
Why would you say this when at this price getting the 3rd channel for free!!

Wow - this is a helluva lot of amp for under 3k , see so few Pass amps come up for sale normally!

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3 hours ago, davewantsmoore said:

Gah.   Backup?!


What is that profile pic?  A Sabre?

Pacer.  Sailor hopeful but hopeless.  Excel at last place. 😆

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