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Art Watson

Advice on streaming device

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As expected the RCA outputs were a bit close together and my Cawsey cables wouldn't fit. To be fair they are pretty  thick connections. Used some Wywire cables to the amp and a Chord dig coaxial to the Pioneer dac.


All I can say is wow - it is bloody impressive. It is still early days and I am burning in the pioneer, but I seriously struggle to hear any difference  between MQA and normal playback through the Pioneer Amp - they both sound amazing. (and yes it is playing MQA as it shows when in playback).


As to issues about setup etc... it was the easiest thing I have ever used. Plug in, search for device on app, updates automatically (10 mins), enter Tidal details and away you go.


Happy days!

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I think Roku is the best streaming device. By using any best VPN for Roku you can easily access all geo-restricted channels. 

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