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Best crossover frequency for ribbon super tweeter

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Every ESL owner/fiddler needs one of these Sensitive Research Electrostatic Volt Meters if they can find one still working. Measuring ESL's B+ without one is impossible.


Cheers George




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Here are my 1st generation retro steampunk look ribbons for my vintage speakers. Really just a test platform made from junk. I have a switchable 1st order 11k and 9k 2nd order crossover to play with.
May need some attenuation but only time will tell. A fun knock up which will be rebuilt with some nicer timber if I like the result. Early indications are good.18e00c5d2f345888de5c9da58cd8bf79.jpg

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This is surprisingly accurate for measuring crossover capacitors and inductors when compared to my didital LCR meter. Dates from 1950 and is all original including the magic eye tube.
Philips 4144/01 universal bridge.
Going to restore and calibrate it because its just cool. Sorry another distraction from the topic of ribbon tweeters.7a84290b99fdfc699764acd0eb551052.jpg

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