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True, BUT the consumer should not have to go into the service menu and potentially void their warranty to turn convergence correction off. It and digital sharpening should be disable-able in the user menu, but Sony obviously don't want people to do that for obvious reasons. With the convergence system disabled consumers are going to find out that native convergance will often be quite poor and want something done about it, and with Reality Creation really turned off (rather than off in the user menu) image sharpness will take a dive and consumers will find out that they have been taken for a ride.

The fact that digital sharpening is so effective at compensating for a lack of native sharpness due to convergence correction, lens quality, video quality etc is very telling. It doesn't increase resolution but sure does fool people into believing there is much more resolution then there actually is.

Sonys Reality Creation is not the only game in town either, PC based video processing is at least as good, if not better, and can be used with any projector. This opens up the option of having a nice clean, clear and sharp picture with much better contrast and lower black level than Sony offers. 😉


Just to clarify, the only way to align the 3 LCoS panels in the projector is to physically move them in the light engine, and that can't be done outside the factory. The so called "convergence" adjustments don't actually converge anything because like all digital projectors the Sony is a fixed pixel display and the pixels can't be moved electronically. All the system can do is use 2 or more pixels to do the job of one, which results in a drastic loss of resolution as well as discolouration and moire. Its fortunate that the loss of resolution wont be noticeable because resolution beyond a certain level is just not important for reasons I have discussed, and the discolouration-moire will very rarely be an issue with real world movie content.


Paying extra for "true 4K" and not getting it is one thing, but Sony deliberately lowering resolution to hide convergence problems and at the same time creating further problems by doing so adds insult to injury IMHO. Consumers are being rorted and there needs to be a big fuss made over it to give Sony a good kick in the butt.


Its time for consumers to WAKE UP and realise that "true 4K" is NOT the big deal people think it is and 4K visible resolution movies don't exist.



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