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SOLD: FS: PrimaLuna - Prologue Premium - CD Player $2000

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Item: PrimaLuna - Prologue Premium - CD Player $2000

Location: Clayton VIC, freight available.

Price:  $2000. (RRP $3999)

Item Condition: Like New, played a handful of discs comes with 3 months warranty and all packaging and accessories. Still has plastic protective film over metal chassis 

Reason for selling: Display Model.

Payment Method: Eftpos, Cash, PayPal (+3%) or Direct Deposit

Extra Info:

The ProLogue Premium CD Player comes equipped with: True Dual Mono design using two 12AU7 dual-triode tubes and one 5AR4 rectifier tube per channel. While it is fine to use a single tube as a buffer and claim your CD player is "tube", it can't be compared to the PrimaLuna design and what it does for the music. Vacuum tube rectified power supply adapted from the award-winning ProLogue Three preamp that incorporates eleven separate power supply regulation circuits. Tube rectification is synonymous with organic sound, especially with CD players being know as sounding like "a computer." State-of-the-art Burr Brown SRC4192 24 bit/192kHz upsampling circuit and Burr Brown PCM1792 DACs. Two SuperTube Clocks™. An ultra-low jitter clocking device that replaces the solid-state oscillator with a vacuum tube. Yields incredible detail retrieval and dynamics throughout the entire audio spectrum. Why use two? The addition of the second clock further reduces jitter, resulting in greater detail and resolution. Highest quality USB digital input allows using your computer for storage and playback of your music with all the benefits of features like playlists and easier access to your whole music library. Rather than just add in a USB input as an afterthought, PrimaLuna engineers searched endlessly looking for the best-sounding USB interface we could find. We found the hiFace, made by M2Tech in Italy. This USB input converts the jitter-filled USB digital signal to S/PDIF, dramatically improving the digital signal quality before it even gets to the SuperTube Clocks. This USB input is a true high-resolution digital input, so you can play back your high resolution digital files, up to 24-bit/192kHz. Premium parts including polypropylene coupling caps, triple pi power supply filters, custom designed isolation transformers which separate the analogue and digital devices, Resulting in decreased signal degradation and improved sonics from top to bottom. Many CD players weigh in at five kilos or less. The ProLogue Premium tips the scales at 15 kilos! Beautiful heavy-gauge anodised brushed aluminium remote control. Controls all important CD operations and will even control functions on the DiaLogue components. Comes with rubber rings on both ends to protect furniture. New power transformers. Heavy-duty, dual-mono, power transformers increase control and detail. PTP-circuit. If the power transformer should overheat, this innovative "Power Transformer Protection" circuit cuts primary power, allows the preamp to cool down, then resets itself. Chassis made of finely finished heavy gauge steel, and five step automotive quality finish. Each coat hand rubbed and polished. Removable tube cage included no charge. Conservative design runs tubes easy for long life.



Freq. Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.5dBOutput Voltage: 2V +/- 0.5dB Distortion & Noise: Below -96dBChannel Separation: 90dBDynamic Range: Greater than 120dBPower Consumption: 50 wattsTube complement: 4 - 12AU7, 2 - 5AR4Dimensions: 14.5" x 8" x 15.5" (WxHxD)Weight: 33 lbsAnalog Outputs: 1 pair RCADigital Outputs: 1 coaxial / 1 opticalDigital Input: 1 USB




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    • By Rockster
      Item: Primaluna Dialogue Premium Power Amp
      Location: Sandringham
      Price: $2950
      Item Condition: Immaculate
      Reason for selling: Regretful sale due to a vehicle purchase
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT, COD Only
      Extra Info: I know people always say that it's a regretful sale, but this truely is, I agreed that I would sell some of my 'spare' HiFi to fund the purchase of a vehicle.
      Anyway, I bought this power amp brand new in April 2017 so it's just over 18 months old. It was unpacked onto a HiFi shelf in a dedicated music room and hasn't moved since. It's in as new condition and comes complete with all original supplied accessories including the remote, cotton gloves, spare fuses etc, and also the double box. I am selling it with the original Primaluna KT88 and 12AU7 valves, which have probably had less than 30 hours use, and are excellent valves in their own right. This is a second amp in my system, or spare as my wife says, so it's not had a lot of use.
      I think this amp is truely a giant killer and, I'm my experience, for the money nothing comes close. It respond so well to upgrades and I particularly love the Genalex Gold Llion KT77's in it, but you can also use EL34's, KT120's and KT150's (as well as the supplied KT88's). And if that's not enough fun for you, you can also upgrade of the 12AU7's input valves. Due to the clever adaptive bias system the amp uses all this can be done easily and 'rolling valves' is a simple plug and play process.
      The amp has plenty of power, my speaker's sensitivity is 87db, and it drives them really well. You also get a choice of 4, 8 and 16 ohm taps so you can match a wide variety of speakers. The advantage of this particular version of Dialogue is that you only need to buy a quad of power values if you want to play with different types and it makes the exotic NOS valves more attainable.
      There are many many glowing reviews online, just do a quick search.

    • By macbeth
      Item:  Sony CDP-101 CD Player
      Location: Melbourne, Westmeadows, 3049
      Price: $10, pickup only from 3049
      Item Condition: Jurassic
      Reason for selling: Paper Weight
      Payment Method: Pickup - COD Only
      Extra Info: I bought this from a Cash Converters for $150 as working.  It wasn't.  The tray was laboured moving in and out.  I found a service center named "Trevor  Lees", and I took the player there.  After a few weeks, the player was returned to me.  I paid just under $200 for the repair.  I can now confidentially say that the unit will NOT catch on fire when powered on.  That's all.
      This is my first attempted sale on SNA.  Not a good introduction really.
    • By jdh500
      Item: CR-70R (S) Amplifer-Tuner CD Player
      Location: West Ryde 2114 (metro Sydney)
      Price: Have 2, $75/$115 see description
      Item Condition: used
      Reason for selling:
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:
      Onkyo CR-70R (S) Amplifier-Tuner CD player
      Actually have 2 identical, one works perfectly (selling $115), the 2nd  (selling $75) works but misses from time to time on CD playback all other function ok. Both cosmetically as new with minor scratches, both supplied with original remotes.
      This is a well made Onkyo HIFi component from the late 1990s, made in Japan, comes supplied with original remote, FM antenna and packaging. Original RRP was over $1000
      This would make a great zone 2 amplifier to drive external speakers etc.
      Power 2x40W rms
      Features include FM tuner, headphone jack, multiple RCA input/outputs, A/B speaker switching, CD playback, base/balance control and many more.
      Very solid piece of HiFi, with metal front faceplate and flip down lid to hide less used controls.
      Being 20 years old, item has been tested but no warranty provided due to its age. Happy to demonstrate if picked up.
      Pickup from West Ryde 2114 in metro Sydney preferred, otherwise will post at buyers cost.


    • By Cafad
      Item:  Densen system.  B200+ preamp, B420XS cd player and B320+ power amp.
      Location: Sunny Nanango
      Price:  $1600 for each component (so that means $4800 for the lot) 
      RRP at time of buying was $4K for the cd player and power amp, I think the pre was slightly cheaper, about $3.5K.  Anyway they are all $1600 here.  I have the cd player receipt.
      Item Condition:  Excellent, some very minor scuff marks on the exterior (that do not want to photograph) and excellent on the interior as well.
      Reason for selling:  Had plans to run these with a certain set of speakers but the speakers never eventuated.  Have been mostly sitting in the hall way cupboard for the last 2 years.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:  I bought these from Pymble HiFi before their move and got them at a good price.  Intended to keep them and use them when I bought a certain pair of speakers but the stars never quite aligned with that plan and now it is time to make some space in the secondary storage area that I refer to as my hallway cupboard.  I am willing to separate but if that happens then it will be first in best choice as to who gets the gizmo remote control (worth an additional $490 new) with its charger and the denlink cable.  I have the original double boxed packaging so can post to anywhere.  I have attempted to allow for postage in the asking price but may have to add a little for postage to extreme ends of the country.  I can deliver to SE Qld buyers personally so if they end up staying in SE Qld I can knock a couple hundred off the price.
      Note:  I have registered all three components with Densen and I believe their lifetime warranty is not transferable.  You had to send the faulty component back to Denmark to claim on the warranty anyway so it was of arguable use here in Oz.  Andy of HiFi Repair Services is my warranty man now but he wasn't on the scene back when I registered these.
      Even more info:
      Yes, the cd player contains a coax digital input so it can be used as a stand alone DAC.  It contains a cd-ROM style drive which is mounted on a frame internally, do not get a cd stuck in side it (just don't do it!) as to get to the little spot that manually ejects the tray you have to take the unit apart and remove the entire drive from its frame.  It is a massive pain in the rear, do everything you can to make sure you place any cds in the tray properly and don't go shaking it around.  This has only happened once, but the experience stuck with me.
      The B320+ is rated at 100wpc into 8 Ohms and 200 into 4.  It does not have A and B speaker switching, the extra binding posts are there to allow for biwiring.
      I'm not sure if the B200+ is still a current model, it may be discontinued, Densen are not great at keeping their website up to date.
      I have emailed Densen about the fact that they are using incorrect pictures on their website, several of their integrated amp pages all use the same picture of the internals and several of the pics in their preamp pages are actually of their integrated amps.  They replied that they use a contractor to create their site and that they would pass on the info to them.  This was over 12 months ago.  That is probably not relevant, but it irks me, it really does.

    • By Primare Knob
      Item: PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Pre-Amplifier
      Location: 3782 VIC
      Price: $2.600 plus shipping
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Chasing butterflies.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Friend) .
      Extra Info: Item can be shipped in original packaging.
      Extra Info: Item can be auditioned.

      This amp has been my reference for audio, but is hardly being used since I mostly watch movies or play games in my home theater room. I kept it around because it is such a great performer, but it deserves a whole lot more use than what I am giving it. Because of this I have decided to chase butterflies in pursuit of the same kind of performance in multichannel audio and looking for a new home and free up some funds.