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The Tunnel on iView, don't miss it.

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I only just discovered this series [there are 3] series 1 & 2 both are 8 episodes, series 3 is 6 episodes, all currently available to be watched.

It's based on the Swedish - Danish crime series 'The Bridge'.



The Tunnel is a Anglo - French production

If you like brilliant and clever dialog, by actors who inhabit their roles, then this series is a must watch.....especially the last episode of series 3 which definitely finishes the series, which IMHO is the best piece of TV I have ever seen, truly thought provoking, disturbing, and emotionally shattering if you have invested in any understanding of and feeling for the two main characters.....after watching the last episode I sat dumbfounded for a good ten minutes, it really effected me, that has Never happened before.


You really need to watch the first two series to understand the characters, and marvel at what a great script can do, if the actors are up to it, which Stephen Dillane and Clemence Posey certainly are.

Then get ready for a emotional roller coaster with the final 3rd series, and be prepared to sit back in stunned amazement after viewing the last episode....you'll never forget it, I know I never will.

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I watched it last night (recorded from FTA) and yes, it didn't end how I expected it to. Was really disappointed (if that's the right word) with the way it ended, both for the good guys, and the bad guys. But yes, it was a great trio of series. I also liked the bridge, and the similarities in the main character of each, is very amusing at times... Can't really say much more than that without giving too much away. But both series are definitely worth the watch, even if "The Bridge" does require you to master the art of reading subtitles with one eye, and watch the picture with the other.

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Preferred the original The Bridge. Gadzooks! The detective in The Tunnel even drives a Porsche (944) as opposed to the same character in the Bridge who drove a 911.

The Team well worth a look too:


< Cast Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads!) Jasmin Gerat Veerle Baetens

Subtitle English
Year 2015
Genre Drama
Published Monday 19 June 2017 >
regards Ian

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