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SOLD: FS: Dali Blue Series 5.1 speakers

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Item: Dali Blue Series 5 speaker set (6006 front, C1000 center and R1000 rear)
Location: Brisbane
Price: $700 $650 ONO
Item Condition: Very good condition, no marks.
Reason for selling: Going to full stereo system, need the funds
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal( + fee), COD Only
Extra Info: Good set of speakers, all with the same sound image. The front speakers can easily be used as stereo speakers as well and produce a nice warm sound. These are called 'Hobo Hifi - special edition', with the 6006 having an improved cross-over circuit from the high-end model, especially put together for Hobo Hifi (The Netherlands). Front speakers can be bi-wired or bi-amped. I had them bi-wired once with a NAD amplifier and noticed an improvement in depth.


The two rear speakers are angled, such that they face inwards when you hang them on the wall (with the tweeter facing down). You can also use them as book-shelf speakers (with the tweeters facing up and flipping the mesh).


Indication of price (but will not separate):

    * Front: $400

    * Center: $100

    * Rear: $200


I also have a Yamaha RX A820 for sale, and I can do a combo-deal for you!


I do not have any boxes anymore, so pick-up only!











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Would the upward firing tweeters interfere with Atmos height speakers?

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When placing the rear speakers on the wall, the tweeters will be facing downwards, projecting towards ear-level. You can use these rear speaker in a book-shelf but then you would put them upside down with the speakers facing upwards and with the grill mesh flipped. I've only taken a picture with them upside down such I would not damage the tweeter.

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I would have to use them as rear speaker bookshelves on a stand. So either the tweeter would fire down into the stand top or fire up to the roof. I’m wondering if firing upwards would effect the ceiling speakers imaging. I have a feeling it might.

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You can tilt the tweeter slightly for a small adjustment, but that is up to around 20 degrees. You might be right if you use the rear on a book shelve with the tweeter upwards, it affects the sound imaging.

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Combination discount with the Yamaha RX-A820 (see my other post): $1000 for the whole set.

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