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Ian Moss solo

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Saturday night a Crown The Plams.  Great venue for us olde's.  Private table with a few red wines and great viewing.


Can't wait.     Sold out I think?


Regards Cazzesman



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Posted (edited)

The Ian Moss show ended up being a rousing success with a standing ovation from the full house but early on there were a few glitches with the man himself.


I expected it to be a solo show but the surprise was seeing the bands gear set up on entry.  A 7 piece was a huge bonus.    

Mossy and Band sauntered onstage at 7.35pm - A fit looking Kerry Jacobson (drummer from Dragon) took his seat, Bass player Jonathan Zion (Pete Murray band), Clayton Doley (from everyone these days), Peter Walker (Producer/Guitarist for everyone and producer of Cold Chisels 1st Album apparently) and a male and female backup.


Everything was on song right from the start but by about song 3 Mossy was noticeably annoyed with himself.  For 3 or 4 songs he was fidgety and peeved with his voice.  He looked agitated and was constantly fiddling with his foot buttons, bending over manually adjusting the assorted knobs and peddles.  


His solos lacked fluidity as he was back and forth across the stage looking at his gear, looking at his band and generally acting like a cat on a hot tin roof.   His vocals weren't bad by any means they just lacked abit of Power.


He got to Janelle and sat at a stool and seemed to get his composure.   He told the story about the song and again mentioned that he hoped he could get his voice working.   Doley started the intro then that magnificent Mossy voice kicked in.   That effort seemed to perk him up and from there until the end of the gig he was back.   


The fidgeting stopped, he calmed down and just performed without the agitation.  Perhaps during the set break he had some nice Camomile tea as he came back on for set 2 and was completely at ease.    He started to have fun.    


Set 2 was pure Mossy and the band was racing.  


The Backups got a chance to shine centre stage on the Isley Bros Tune - Work to Do.   Brilliant


Great show and all I can say is thank goodness for Camomile Tea ;-P


·       Set 1:

·       Cold in the Night

·       Down Along the Track

·       Out of the Fire

·       I'm Not Your Only Man

·       Such a Beautiful Thing

·       My Suffering

·       My Baby

·       Janelle

·       Mr Rain

·       Set 2:

·       Georgia on My Mind

·       Choirgirl

·       Work to Do - Isley Brothers song sung by the Bakcups.

·       If Another Day (Love Rewards Its Own)

·       A Girl Like You

·       One long day

·       Matchbook

·       Never Before

·       Telephone Booth

·       Tucker's Daughter

·       ·  Encore:

·       Hold On (To What We Got)

·       Broadway

·       Bow River


Regards Cazzesman

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